Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth Challenge #1

Not a long while back, I attended a Blogger's Meet hosted by Gillette Venus. Although I have restricted myself to attending very few events, this one appealed to me as I have recently been on the lookout for various methods of hair removal and to find out the best one suitable for my skin. I had been using Gillette Venus razor past whole year but as I entered 2015, I decided to stick to waxing only because waxing is said to be the better option and shaving comes with so many myths. While the in-between waxing session time has started to get me really frustrated, this event came as a reminder as to how much I used to love my Venus razor. 

Brand ambassador Kriti Sanon along with Dr.Rashmi Shetty and our favorite makeup guru Namrata Soni were present at the event and they themselves shared their experiences with shaving. Apparently, these three ladies stick to shaving their body hair and they swear by Gillette Venus razor, they say it's hassle free, quick and painless method of hair removal. I find it a little hard to believe that Kriti Sanon, who needs to have the perfect skin all the time and probably on a time crunch being an actress, would stick to shaving her hair(not to mention, it's almost impossible to shave your back torso). I mean, she might but then again with all that money she is earning, wouldn't it be easier to just get laser hair removal done. Who am I to judge though, I have myself been trying to save up for laser for so long but to no use. 


In the goodie bag or more like the goodie basket, we received the much talked about Gillette Venus razor, along with a pack of extra blades and their Satin Care shaving gel. We were also given an option to take up a 30 day challenge called "Subscribe to Smooth" where I won't be using any other hair removal methods except the Venus razor. I am taking up this challenge starting today, so no waxing and no hair removal creams for a month. Let's see how this goes! You are also welcome to join in! Just buy one Gillette Venus razor, you should anyways have one in your toiletries kit for emergencies and this is by the far the best one Indian market has to offer, the blade that it comes with should easily last you a month and we can discuss each week what is the progress, advantages, disadvantages, etc of shaving!


Few pointers on how to shave right (according to the expert Dr.Rashmi Shetty):
1. Use razors that are especially meant for women's hair removal purpose and always avoid using men's razor as they are much sharper and have no gel cushioning which can lead to irritated skin.
2. While shaving, keep the skin taut so that only the hair is shaved and not the skin.
3. Avoid shaving on dry skin. Either wet your skin or ideally, use shower gel, hair conditioner or shaving gel for a closer and smoother shave.
4. Use a good moisturiser after the shave to calm your skin.

Now, we also received 5 flashcards in the goodie basket which talked about the 5 myths related to shaving and I will be debunking one myth in each post.



Printed Separates

IMG_1783 copy IMG_1776 copy copy IMG_1777 copy copy IMG_1805 copy copy IMG_1801 copy copy IMG_1793 copy copy
{Coordinates - Koovs, Bag/Watch - Michael Kors, Scarf - Love Moschino, Earrings/Rings - Forever 21, Sunglasses - Aldo, Shoes - Marks & Spencer}

As a kid, I remember my mom dressing me up in matching co-ordinates and looking back at those pictures in my teenage years, I swore I would never dress up in such dorky outfits ever. But the fate had something else in mind and co-ordinates are back and how! Every store, be it physical or online, is stacking them in solid colors, prints, various silhouettes and what not. And I am myself now smitten with this trend and now own a whole range of matching co-ordinates of crop tops, pants, skirts, jackets and I still want more!

Matching separates is one of the hottest trends of the season. Co-ordinating your whole outfit in tailored separates or casual cropped outfits is the easiest way to sharpen your work attire or liven up your street styling. You can mould the trend to suit your taste and comfort level by either restricting yourself to solid colors or going all out with matching prints like stripes, floral and in my case here, nautical print. You can play with proportions by choosing a crop top with high-waisted bottoms or boxy jackets with pants. I like this trend mostly in crop tops and high waist skirts. It tends to create an illusion of slimmer waist by flaunting the slimmest part of your torso and by showing just a sliver of skin, it keeps the look classy too. Without flashing too much flesh, you can be on-trend and sexy!

It is also the most viable option for holidays! You can wear it as a whole outfit or mix and match the separates to create a whole new range of looks! Having 2-3 such coordinates will let you experiment with your outfits and by just swapping between your coordinates also you can get numerous options! So, go on and try this trend and do share the looks with me on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh

Thursday, August 27, 2015

SFE Men: Chasing the monochrome rainbow

IMG_2442 IMG_2472 IMG_2451 copy copy IMG_2474 IMG_2433 copy IMG_2447 IMG_2496
{Rollneck Pullover/Scarf - H&M, Denims - Zara, Shoes - Vans}

Meet the newest member of SFE family, ROHMAN SHAWL! An accomplished model and a dear friend, can carry almost anything with panache and happily (and might I add, very sweetly) agreed to be the face for men's fashion on Style Fashion Etc. We plan to do a lot more in men's fashion category so stay tuned (and get the stylish men in your life to also tune in!) for a lot more fun posts!

We are almost on the verge of entering Autumn and there's nothing I love more than Fall Fashion. The light layers, added textures and hot coffees take over and life just becomes better. Along with these cozy comforts comes new trends to embrace and experiment with. We start with basics today and will explore more as we move deeper into the season. 

Rollnecks never really left winter wardrobes and as seen at Lanvin, Maison Martin Margiela and J.W.Anderson, they are definitely making a comeback this season. Wear it as it is or layer it under a shirt, this classic piece will hardly ever fail you. With grey being the unmistakably first choice during the colder months and by far the most popular color on the shows, we chose the deepest hue almost bordering on black. Paired with white denims, the dark grey creates a contrast that is subtle and easy on the eyes. Another popular trend that was spotted on the runways this season was squares, used in big, bold blocks of color and patches and we introduced this trend in the form of a scarf. A long scarf is going to your favored companion during the later months of the year. Thrown and looped casually around the neck, this piece of fabric can bring together the most casual of outfits and make you look 10 times better instantly. If you haven't already, stock up on scarves before the Autumn hits and you will be cozy and stylish all season long! 

In case you are wondering, where did we bump into the yellow vintage car, let me tell you about this perfect location where we shot this look...Well it's called 'The Perfect Location'! With over 30 backdrops and a makeup and changing room, this place is a dream come true for photographers and shoot managers. Do check it out if you are looking for a location for any fashion shoots or getting your pre-wedding photoshoot done.

Location Courtesy: The Perfect Location
Model: Rohman Shawl
Photography: Aman Bhatia
Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish