Thursday, July 31, 2014

Designer Diggs: Elitista by Jyotsna Kapoor

{Jacket - Elitista by Jyotsna Kapoor, Spaghetti top/Shoes/Rings/Earrings - Forever 21, Bag - H&M, Belt - Promod}

As the Monsoon is upon us, there is a nip in the air and the wind is suddenly cooler at night. At times like these, I like to carry a light jacket to drape over my shoulders when the sun bids goodbye. This jacket from Elitista by Jyotsna Kapoor has been my recent favorite and I have been pairing it with so many outfits, it's not even funny! The beautiful golden work in the front and the draped lines at the back, and the finishing, all these features have me drooling over this beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

I wanted to keep the jacket as the focus of the look so I paired it with an all black outfit and red pout (Click HERE for the Red Pout makeup breakdown). The spaghetti top and the skirt formed a faux bodycon dress and to make sure that my waist did not vanish in all that black, I added a tan belt to emphasize on the waist area. The shoes were bold and edgy to go with the feel of the jacket. The jacket gives out a strong vibe, you need to be confident enough to pull it off. And the shoes complements the jacket and the red pout adds to the whole theme. This outfit is very strong and statement making, and I felt very confident and good about myself in general that day. I think it's the silhouette of the outfit, it flatters the body in the best way possible.

This jacket was initially a part of an Anarkali I wore to my friend's Sangeet ceremony. The fit and the finish of the whole attire was exemplary! I have never been so impressed with a relatively new designer's work. Jyotsna Kapoor might be new to this industry but she knows what she is doing when it comes to custom fitting the garments and giving the best finishing. You can turn the whole attire inside out and there won't be one single seam out in the open, it's almost like you can wear it inside out and nobody will really notice!

About the designer:
Jyotsna Kapoor launched her label Elitista almost one year ago. Strongly focused on providing the best Indianwear designs at the most affordable prices along with the best fit and finish, she drove herself with passion for creating. She has come a long way in a short span of time and all the credit goes to her hard work and creative designs. Her USP, the draped sarees along with fully gold work backless blouses (same work as you see in my jacket) are most hot-selling products today. Her anarkali suits are also highly in demand because of the quality, fit and finish. There are very few designers in the industry who focus on these details, most I have seen compromise on the quality of the fabric and never gives perfect finishing. But I was very very impressed with Jyotsna Kapoor, the quality of fabric she used, the fit of the dress and the finishings, the customer service was impeccable too. Couldn't have been happier with my purchase!

You can check out more from her collection on her Facebook Page: Elitista by Jyotsna Kapoor

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Personal Shopper Platform: Voonik

These days, most of my time is being spent on this new app I have been introduced to called Voonik. I am in-general big on online shopping(one of the most common symptoms of being a girl!) as it is convenient and you have more variety of brands available online which are not available in the market like Done by None, Femella, Miss Chase, Fab Alley, etc. And what could be better than getting all of these favorite brands of mine under one roof! Voonik is one such app which saves me a ton of time going through all these different websites while offering a wide variety of choices be it clothes, accessories, jewellery, makeup or skincare! Now, with such a wide variety you might think it will be a little overwhelming to go through a zillion number of products to find the perfect one for you (coz there is always something better out there! So, better make sure you get the best!) but that's where Voonik is exclusive as it provides a personal shopping experience. In fact, it is India's largest personal shopper platform! And it has recently launched its app which is available on Play Store on Android phones. 

You can easily download the app and install it on your smartphones. Initially, the app will ask you few questions for a better understanding of your style and your body type. What I really liked is that they have paid attention to skin tone as well and they suggest you colors according to your skin tone! So your feed only shows stuff that’s guaranteed to flatter you. No more buyer remorse. Yay!

Once, you take the little quiz, you will be guided around the app, which is really convenient as I usually take few minutes to figure out what the app is all about but this saves me time and I can get started asap. You basically just need to either skip or like a product and the products that you like will automatically be added to your Love list. Have fun creating a Lovelist with stuff you love. And earn credit when someone buys from it! Another best thing? They will notify you as soon as that item's price drops, it goes on sale or is back in stock!!

Being a personal shopper app, it also suggests what you should pair your dress with. Whether to style the outfit with a statement necklace and stilettos or chunky earring and platform shoes. This is SO convenient! You can also see what your friends are looking at, track other fashionistas, post to Facebook and get a second opinion.

And it's not just clothes, they have a wide variety of makeup and skincare products as well which you will not find in the market like this Garnier Fructis Split-Ends Bandage in the image below. I am definitely going to give it a try and see if this product really works on the split-ends.

 The prices are also surprisingly affordable! Most of the items range between Rs.500/- to Rs.1500/- and you can totally buy complete looks on this app below Rs.3000/-! So, if you are one of those people who dread the long sale queues in stores, go ahead and download this app, you won't be disappointed!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Travel in Style | Fashionably Comfortable Look

Yes, you can wear sweatpants to the airport if you wish, I am not judging! But who knows whom you might run into while you are struggling to lift your heavy suitcase filled with sexy dresses, shoes and tons of makeup and you end up at an angle very unflattering to the hot guy behind you. What use of those nice clothes and makeup when the beginning of your holiday is so dull!

 {Top - Forever 21, Trousers - c/o The Closet Label, Scarf - Zara, Handbag - Love Moschino, Shoes - Mango}

 While traveling, I like to keep my accessories minimal so that they don't poke me during the flight and I can relax or sleep comfortably. My outfit consists of just garments and I throw on a scarf to keep myself warm yet stylish. This Zara scarf is one of my favorites whenever I need to hike up my style quotient without too much hassle. The slouchy high-waist pants and even more slouchier top allows me room to move around and be comfortable. I kept the whole look very muted along with the footwear but added some texture and print through the scarf and some color through the bag. This is my ideal airport look, fashionably comfortable!

{T-Shirt - Zara, Denims - Levi's, Shoes - Geox}

Aman chose to wear a simple denim and t-shirt combo but the combat shoes took the look a notch up. The outfit is easy breezy and very comfortable while there is something about it which makes it look very smart and upbeat. I would give the shoes all the credits!

In case you are wondering where we are off to, we are working on a very exciting new project which demanded our presence in Mumbai this weekend. Yes, twice in the same month! We reached here today and we are here till Monday evening, we are looking out for every window of opportunity where we can sneak away from work and hit the famous streets of the city and check out some nice eateries as well. If you hail from the city of lights, do suggest us places which are a must visit for shopping and good food!