Monday, July 27, 2015

Street Style: Maxi Dress

IMG_1501 copy copy IMG_1510 copy IMG_1511 copy IMG_1531 copy copy IMG_1526 copy
{Maxi Dress - Zara, Bag - Michael Kors, Scarf - Love Moschino, Sunglasses - Paperlilie, Earring/Cuff/Ring - H&M, Shoes - Marks & Spencer}

I was just wondering that the colleges are going to be re-opening soon enough and these street style outfits would be perfect for your first day of college, or even second day or hey, rest of the week too! While styling these street style outfits, I always keep in mind that I am choosing these outfits for the streets of India and not New York. They have to be conservative as well as daring enough for the Indian streets coz hey, you can't really wear short shorts paired with crop tops and roam around in the streets without being ogled upon. If you can, all the more power to you, but I prefer to stay stylish AND safe. I mean, wear what you want, but know what to wear where. You can wear a super short dress to your best friend's bash without giving it a second thought but the same outfit out in the streets might just get you in trouble. 

Anyways, the street rules somewhat applies in college too. You can't wear shorts in college but a crop top baring just a sliver of skin is a-okay! So basically, these street style outfits can double up as inspirations for your college outfits too. The mantra is easy chic.

This maxi is my personal favourite, black and white you see. You can add as much color you want to style this outfit. I styled it in a very easy and understated way by adding a hit of peach lipshade, some colourful earrings from H&M and a colourful scarf tied on my sling bag. That's all the color this outfit needs. I kept my cuff and ring in the same tone and also I kept my shoes white and in block heels so that it's easier to walk around while still looking chic. 


Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Boho Vibes

IMG_1371 copy IMG_1379 copy IMG_1364 copy copy IMG_1465 copy IMG_1368 copy IMG_1366 copy IMG_1392 copy IMG_1473 IMG_1469 copy IMG_1445 copy
{Pants/Crop Top/Headband/Braided Bracelet/Sunglasses - Forever 21, Bag - October, Earrings - House of Shikha, Arrow Cuff - Eristona, Shoes - Westside}

There are days when I want to ditch my regular go to style and experiment a little. It was one of those days when I came up with this outfit. The vibe is very boho and fusion. I wanted a relaxed yet glamorous outfit and hence I ditched my heels this time and went for a comfortable pair of flats. Anyways, we bloggers mostly wear heels just for the shoot, so I am only just keeping it real ;) 

These pants are my new love. They are super stylish, conservative and exposing at the same time and again, oh-so-chic. I love the print as well, and anyone who knows me even 1%, they would know I love black and white! The wrap style is very unique and it turned heads where ever I went that day. Paired with a plain black crop top, the pants were the highlight of the outfit. I styled the look using earthy tones to keep in sync with the boho look I was going for. 

This sling bag from October was a perfect choice for this look. It's easy and relaxed, no fuss bag, fits a lot and looks really chic. The gold in the abstract print of the bag gives it a bit of glam too. The rest of the accessories consisted of a pair of filigree earrings from House of Shikha, couple of stacked bracelets and a black, white and gold braided headband coz it just went with the whole boho vibe!

Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh

Monday, July 13, 2015

Street Style: Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

IMG_1312 copy IMG_1324 copy IMG_1330 copy IMG_1338 copy copy
{Crop Top/Skirt/Necklace - Forever 21, Belt - Promod, Bag/Watch - Michael Kors, Shoes - Westside}

The second installment in the Street Style series, this outfit is one of the most popular and commonly spotted among young college girls. A maxi skirt paired with a crop top while baring a sliver of abdominal skin is an easy go to chic look that almost all girls can carry. It's stylish while still being quite wearable in India. 

Every girl has a waist, no matter the size mentioned on the label she wears. You just need to bend sideways and find that level on your side torso where an angle forms, that's you waistline. And every high waisted skirt or pants should ideally start right below that level so as to expose the teeniest part of your waist. Similarly, the crop top lengths should also ideally end just above your waistline. This will create an illusion of an hourglass body shape and you can do rest of the body balancing by changing the silhouette of the skirt and top as per your body type. For example, if your have a pear shape body (bottom heavy), opt for similar skirts that I am wearing in this look and avoid body con skirts and go for embellished top or tops with big colourful prints to draw the attention to your upper body [Let me know if you would like me to talk more about how to dress for your body type].

Keep the accessories minimal keeping the humid and rainy weather in mind. You can experiment with your hair to make the whole outfit stand out more. Go for top knot for fuss free hair or messy side braids, these hairstyles would be perfect for the weather that we are facing these days.

Stay stylish,

Styling/Content/Post-Production: Srish
Photography: Nisha Singh