Wednesday, July 14, 2010


What I'm wearing:
Top - ZARA
Leggings - Custom-made Designer Piece
Tubetop - Honey

I love this top's's so vibrant!! I wore this outfit to college and got many compliments, especially about the leggings. I LOVE lOve lOVE itttt!!!!
Hope you all like it :-@)


Stavroula said...

So cute!!! :)


SandrHa OrtHer said...

Hello hello ...
lovely blog ... that pretty woman ...
I love your glasses and your blouse ...
and I follow .. a big kiss ..
I invite you to my blog .. I hope to also encourage you to follow .. xox0

☮My☮Socks☮Never☮Match☮ said...

wow! ur outfit is too cute & I love ur leggings!!!! lol :D

Srish said...

thnx all you guys...u ppl make my day by leaving even a small comment...a big THANK YOU to u all....mwah!!!

nazoii&samiira said...

Niiceee ! :D

I wonna start sumthing like that, but it's kind of impossible for me :(
because first of all i'm only 16 years old and i have to like STUDY STUDY N STUDY which does my head in, and second i'm scared if people won't like it :(

I lovvee your hauls and all the products you buy, you're really good at this :)

Srish said...

Thank you sweetheart! and don't be afraid that ppl won't like it!Just be yourself and most importantly enjoy yourself...We all do blogging for fun and to share our passion for fashion and be creative...So, do whatever you like honey!
Best of luck!!

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