Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are you addicted to Lip Balm??

So, are you addicted? I know I am!

For years I have been using various lip balms more than I can recall..and recently I came across posts that tag this habit as an ADDICTION....!! You can imagine my surprise when I read all kinds of serious articles regarding this so-called addiction.But once I came to know all the facts, I don't think it's as serious as Cocaine addiction or something and I can certainly live with it.

One of the article that I came across is here

But this doesn't bother me. So, now I'm gonna share with you reviews of the lip balms that I've been using:

Ok, I'll start with my least favorites moving towards my most favorites...

Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy (cherry) :-

This is the worst lip balm I've ever used...I mean, seriously, the moment I applied it I had the strongest urge to wipe it off!! But, I resisted the urge and gave it some time before completely discarding it, but as I had expected it became worse! First of all, the pink tint that it gives to the lips feels completely artificial, secondly it doesn't provides any moisture, and third it definitely doesn't repair.It made my lips more chapped and uncomfortable in a very weird kinda way...can't say anything about the SPF protection it promises coz I never used it more than one or two times maybe.Complete waste of money...

NIVEA Pinkish Boost :-

I bought this recently and tried it for a week.Didn't like it much. Now I use it sometimes when I'm at home.It doesn't give any shine or glossiness, smells like cough syrup (yuck!) and tastes bitter.It does an ok job for a normal moisturizing lip balm but I won't buy it again...EVER!

AVON lip balm (strawberry) :-

I used this for a long time when I was in high school.Gives a nice pink color to lips, moisturizing and smells good. But I stopped using it as it doesn't give glossy finish and I was on a hunt for a perfect lip balm back then. Also, scooping out balm with my finger from the small jar was not very hygienic.

NIVEA Hydro Care :-

This is a decent lip balm, moisturizes well.But for me, the only problem with this one was no color and no gloss. It does smell good though, kinda minty and fresh. I din't buy it again because for normal moisturization, I use vaseline so this was not much of use.

VASELINE Intensive Care :-

I have been using this since I know the existence of lip balms!!! This is just the basic petroleum jelly but it's so versatile for me that i can't even list the number of benefits i derive from this baby. You can use it on your lips, feet cracks, any dry patches, on eye lashes, as a hand cream, foot lotion, make-up remover and sometimes on face too if in dire need...!!!

NIVEA Lip Care-star fruits/fruity shine (strawberry) :-

This is THE BEST lip balm I have found till date!!and as you can see I'm on my third tube (accidently threw out one) and already have a back-up. It does everything one can ask for. It moisturizes like no one's business, smells DELICIOUS, provides SPF protection against UVA and UVB rays, long lasting, glossy finish (finally!!), contains shimmering pigments and what not!!! I have also tried it's Cherry flavor, my sister had that and quite liked it. Strawberry gives a reddish pink tint to the lips while Cherry gives a pinkish red tint, if that makes sense!
Now I want to try it's Dragon Fruit flavor but I just cannot seem to find it anywhere in the whole Delhi NCR...:(

Hope this helped you guys.



Mehak said...

I am completely addicted. Today i was going through my bag and i realised i carry 6 lipbalms on a daily basis!..SIX..
I hate lotus lip balm and nivew pinkish boost is such a waste, the pink it gives is so barbie doll and it doesnt blend in with yr lips
Try the body shop lip balms- they dont cost that much- they are super glossy and they smell like heaven.trust me you wont go back to any of these...

Srish said...

I Actually have been wanting to try the TBS ones...I'll definitely give it a go now...thnx!

Stavroula said...

I actually hate lip balms lol ! I hate the way they feel on my lips! I prefer lip glosses or moisturizing lipsticks when my lips are dry! :) I want to try the Korres Lip Butter though, I've heard it's great! :)


Deeptima said...

Even m a addict... love 'collecting' pretty and cute stuff... nice post !!
see u around !!

Fathima Abdul Kader said...

Hey! I am fathima from britt00present.blogspot.com you commented on my post asking bout the loreal 6h lipgloss and they have launched a fair amount of shades here in india..you can check out the info and swatches here:http://makeupandbeauty.com/loreal-paris-glam-shine-6h-lip-gloss-photos-and-swatches/
Hope that i am of help to you...

Also ,nivea starshine in strawberry is also my faviorite....i have three around my place..one in my skool bag,one in my vanity and one near my skincare stuff!!

Desi and the City said...

You have to try CARMEX. It is the best :-)) I have done a post about it... ^^

Anonymous said...

i just got this at my local drugstore and i luv it!!