Saturday, August 7, 2010

*My night-time skin-care routine + Tips*

Hello ppl,
how have you all been? I had a really boring week, nothing exciting. M so glad that the weekend is here!
And I'm so sorry for making this blog kinda OOTD and HAUL blog as I just didn't had time and when I did, I didn't knew what to post about.But lately, I have been reading a lot of blogs and came up with SO many ideas!

So, here is my night-time skin care routine and few tips that I use every night...

Step 1 - Removing make-up (Cleansing part - A)

I use Vaseline and The Body Care "Grape Seed Cleansing Milk" (review - here). 1st of all, I apply a small amount of Vaseline on my eye make-up including my mascara coated lashes n leave it for a minute or so, this melts all kind of make-up however waterproof or long staying power it has. And then I apply the cleansing milk on whole of my face(you can use your fingers or a cotton pad according to your likings, I use cotton pad) forgetting about the Vaseline coated eyes for a while. After I'm done with slathering my face, I wipe it all off with a facial tissue, but you must use a soft tissue as you don't want to scratch the whole face up.This removes 98% of the make-up.

Step 2 - Face Wash (Cleansing part - B)

For face wash, I use Lush's "Angels on Bare Skin"(review - here) on my face and neck.This removes any left over residue of make-up on my face.Pat dry my face, I never rub the towel and so shouldn't you.Be as gentle to your face as you can be.

Step 3 - Toning

I use Lush toner "Breath of fresh air"(review - coming soon) spraying 2-3 times on a cotton pad and moving it in an upward motion(this prevents wrinkles or may be sagging of skin,i think). This toner removes every little residue of dirt on your face.You can also use rose water as a toner.

Step 4 - Moisturizing

For years, I have been searching for a good moisturizer for my skin and finally my search is over....Lush's Imperialis moisturizer! This thing is really a good value moisturizer that I love love love...(review - coming soon). I just apply a tad bit of this on my whole face and neck and when I say tad bit, I literally MEAN it!!

Step 5 - *my personal touch*

I finish this whole thing up with a quick application of Vaseline on my lips and my both upper and lower lashes(wanna know why - here).

Remember - Never go to bed with your make-up on.I did this a few times on some lazy nights and next day my eyes were all red, itchy and swollen, and I guess you wouldn't like the look of that first thing in the morning!I hope this helps at least some of you...


Stavroula said...

Great post!! ;) I've done something similar on my blog too (makeup removal routine) ! And you're so right, we shouldn't go to bed with makeup on!!


Mehak said...

Nice tips, wish i had more time to do all this..usually i just wanna from delhi too ;)
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