Sunday, September 5, 2010

Footwear Fetish-Part 2 :P

Here I am...again!! with my new footwear purrrrchase...Gosh! I'm crazy about cute sandals these days...I just have to see them and the next moment, they are resting in shopping bags in my hands....lolz!

Well, wasting no time further in my chit-chatting...have a look at my new favs!
Aren't they super cute! and trendy!

I have been searching for a sexy sandals in brown leather for years now...and finally I have them!!! This looks so cute paired with a summer dress in floral print!and with a thin belt in same brown shade at the waist...I can finally achieve that look with these as I have already got the thin belt from Promod! Yay!!!

These are hella cute!!!I mean, just look at it...lovely...ain't it? The gold zip detailing at the back is amazing..I love it!
I'm not pretty sure, how i would wear it...coz it definitely doesn't go with, maybe leggings or shorts would be the right options...confused but still lovin' it..
It would be fun to decide how to wear it!and if you gals have ANY suggestions...please don't hesitate...n help me out!


Stavroula said...

I loooooove the 2nd pair!!


Srish said...

He he...Me too..That's my favorite out of the two!

Aman said...

heyyyy StavrOula, she's sOO lying, da day we went to the mall and gOt thOse sandals, she liked the brOwn one mOre and Now, dis oNe...
Srsih, c'mOn yar, he heee.........

weL, bOth are A'smn+++

Srish said...

@Aman - Heyyyy, that's not true! I like the second one more!!! I got the first one coz it was the one I had been searching for a long time...a nice brown leather sandals...n u know that!

Stavroula said...

@Aman loooool !!! ;)

@Srish light brown sandals are very versatile, you can pair them with almost everything! But the white pair is gorgeous!! ;) I recently bought some shoes too, would you be interested in a relevant post with pics? ;)


Srish said...

@Stavroula - Sure! I would love to see your purchases!

Christine said...

soooo cute <3
Love the second pair :)

Thank you for your comment, im following :)

Shruti said...

Hi Srish,

Love both the pairs....
I am new to your blog n i am quite liking it :)

PS : Where did u buy them from??


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