Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2010

Hello my beautiful girlies,
So, finally my examz are over and as I had promised a surprise, HERE IT IS!!!

OMG! It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life!! When I reached there, things were not that happening but as the time passed, the fun also came along...You'll see why ;)
Won't bore you ppl much with my babbling...just go ahead and check out the pics (you can click on the pics to enlarge them)....

The event was held in DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj..It has all the high end brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, Armani, DKNY, etc.

What I'm wearing :
Dress - GFO
Sandals - Saasha
Clutch - Paprika
Watch - DKNY (my newfound lOve!)

And guess what!!! I met Mehak, one of my fav blogger while I was shopping in ZARA!! She was very sweet and friendly but unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a pic of ours together...:(

Meet my bestest friend EVER!!!

These are the two Tees designed by Manish Arora (above) and Rajesh Pratap (below) especially for Fashion's Night Out event.They were available in almost every corner in DLF Emporio for RS.500.I had already made up my mind to buy one of them but the quality was so cheap! They hardly deserved 100 bucks!I wanted to buy it so bad but just couldn't bring myself to waste 500 bucks...:(

Aman buying the lucky draw coupons which were by the way for RS.500!!! We didn't even win but it was worth it...the wait and thrill of made the day even more exciting...:D

Now, for the real surprise....
Guess, who's here??



Her smile is the sweetest...*_*

(check out her killer heels!!)

(and the sexy hairstyle...)

(A make-up look inspired by hers is SOoO coming up....lOlzz)

(And oh yeah, Rocky S was also there, how cool is that!)

(Announcing the Lucky Draw Winners...I was so close to her, it all seemed like a dream...@_@...She's SO much more hOtter in person!!)

(check out the crazy crowd...for Bips of course!)

The September 2010 Vogue issue

So, the whole day was pretty much the most exciting one ever...I also shopped at ZARA...will upload a lil haul soon...But for now, m pretty exhausted with all the fun, so buh-bye for now...



Ashank said...

hi dear just amazing, wish i could i have been there, amazing post, and as always u look gorgeous dear <3

Srish said...

Thanx!It was so much fun, seriously wish, you and Aashi were would have been SO much more fun...!

Ayanna Michelle said...

you looked gorgeous! looks like so much fun...

Mehak said...

Hi Srish !!!.
I know i was thinking the same thing- i forgot to take a pic..was so fun meeting you though !!!

Srish said...

@Ayanna - Thanx dear!It was really a lot of fun! :D

Srish said...

@Mehak - Really!I was so excited to see you there, you look so much more gorgeous in person...your camera doesn't do justice to your personality :)

Annie P. said...

Wow they did it BIG in India; it was crazy crowded at FNO in NY! You looked FAB by the way :)

Srish said...

@Annie - Thanx sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Your clutch is superb!Any idead about the website link for paparika products?

Srish said...

@Anonymous - Thanx dear.I searched for Paprika products on the net but couldn't get it...May be you can find it on Amazon or Ebay..I love this clutch, and I have a similar one in greyish broze color...thanx for the comment,again!


Srish said...

@Anonymous - And if you are from India, you can find Paprika bags and footwear at Lifestyle stores.

anamika said...

Hi I got to know u through Mehak..looks like you had fab time girl:)

Srish said...

@Anamika - Yeah, I did!Thanx for stopping by...I hope I can inspire you to follow...


Fashion-Resort! said...

wow this pictures are amazing<3

Srish said...

@Fashion-Resort - Thanx dear!

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