Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wearable Fall Fashion Trends 2010 (part 1) - Clothes

So, fall is around the corner and I was looking through the latest fashion trends of this season and came across some really awesome trends that are so wearable! I picked out my favorite trends and decided to share with you guys...

Turtleneck - I wore turtleneck last fall a lot and guess what!They can never go out of fashion!!So, get them in your favorite colors and layer them with different pieces and create different looks from one key piece!Shop them from Westside, Pantaloons, Globus, Promod, Mango, ZARA and Forever 21.

Capes - Perfect for layering in fall.I myself own so many, two black, one purple, one blue, one aquablue, one white, and many more....You can find the best ones in Forever 21, they have amazing range, amazing designs and in beautiful colors too! And if on a budget, go to Pantaloons and look for the brand 'Honey'...they have affordable prices.

Shoulder pads - Ah!I am so lurving this trend rite now!!Already got 2 tops with shoulder pads...don't miss out on this trend galz, m telling you, the moment you would see yourself in the mirror with dramatic shoulders, you will fall in love with them!!!Now go get 'em!! You can find them in ZARA.In fact, you can add shoulder pads yourself to a top of your choice!

Animal print - This is a bold trend and I don't think I can pull it off with a dress, but maybe a slouchy top wouldn't be bad. To opt this trend, first you need to decide how bold you can go, if you want you can go for an animal print dress also but remember to keep it minimal. And one very important rule that you must follow if you are going to wear this trend: Never wear two pieces of animal prints at one time! EVER!

Light cardigans - The most essential trend this season, in fact, of all fall seasons, is a light comfy cardigan. They are never going out of fashion so better stock up on these.Your one-stop shop for these would definitely be forever 21 and ZARA.You can find great quality cardigans in all the trendy designs in these stores.

Fur Coats - These look really hot in Zebra print or plain white!Throw one on and you are done!

Trench Coat - This looks super uber and chic especially if the coat has a glossy finish to it. You can find fab trench coats in MANGO.Opt for a muted beige color and add some golden accessories and you are good to go!

Head-to-Toe Black - Finally! I wore this style a few years back and man! I was looking weird!!Ha Ha!! but now, you can easily rock this style n look super sexy, just throw a red lippie on!!

Layered look - Layering with cardigans, leggings, jeans, tops an all that is fun as well as stylish, you can mix n match or you can keep it simple and cozy!

Glitter still hot! - A trend that any fashionista can rock, just throw on a glittery one-piece, sky high heels and you are ready to rock the partAy!! ;)

Boyfriend Blazer - This is the perfect piece to add a chic edge to an outfit, it can be paired with skinny jeans, short dress, leggings, long tops and so many more! But wearing this trend can be a lil bit tricky, you don't wanna look sloppy so prefer a nice fitted blazer. You can go for any color but no one can go wrong with this trend in black ;)
The best brand in India where you can find this baby is ZARA...I know I'm going there!

So, what trend you are going to rock this fall?



Gaby said...

I LOOOOOOOVE animal prints =D

Sunny & Star said...

I love capes. I need to find the perfect one to add to my closet. Great post.

SAMM said...

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With love, Samm

Maubrey said...

Hey thanks for dropping your comments

I am so grateful to visit and drop in your blog, more than that am enjoying in a new blog as a new friend

thanks u

Stavroula said...

I love that yellow trenchcoat!! :) And I love head-to-toe black! :D

Ms.Kimchi said...

i've searching for the perfect boyfriend blazer.. and no luck! :( any suggestions??

btw i just followed you :)

Srish said...

Dear Ms. Kimchi, you can order it online from ZARA's webiste or F21 or may be luck :)

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