Wednesday, November 3, 2010

October Favorites!

Feels like time is flying these days...I mean, it's already November! 2010 is about to end and next year I'm  turning 21....yayee!!ha ha!!

Coming back to the present....October was a very busy month for me. In the first two weeks, I was on vacation in Mumbai & after coming back, college loaded me up with all sorts of assignments and presentations.But still, amidst all these things,a few products found their way to my heart  ^_^
Care to meet the dear ones?
Here you go....

Now let me introduce you to every product one by one....

1. SEACRET "Nail Care Collection" :-
This is like magic in a box!!Gives my nails salon like manicured look in's somewhat a DIY manicure and pedicure set...I would soon do a full review on this product.It consists of 4 things: Nail Buffer, Nail Filer, Cutical Oil and a Lotion.

2. LUSH "Ocean Salt" Face Scrub :-
Amazing product.I already did a review on this one so won't say much. Read the review here.

3. LUSH "H'suan Wen Hua" Hair Mask :-
I mentioned this product in a post earlier here. Since I had started to shed hair like leaves in Autumn, I bought it again and as expected, it has already reduced my hair fall by 50%!! My hair looks so much better now and feels smoother and softer...Mmmmmm.....

4. COLORBAR "Just Earth" Blush :-
Yeah yeah...I'm also a fan....This gives the perfect warm and natural glow to my cheeks.Perfect for fall and I'm gonna use it a lot this winters, I can tell ;)

5. NYX "Love" Mozaic Blush :-
I cannot tell you how sad I am that I found this blush at the end of summers...but still, I'm gonna use it every now and then this fall...that's how much I love it!

6. LANCOME "Definicils Waterproof" Mascara :-
My most favorite product of the month!!!I just keep falling in love with this mascara everytime I use it...!!!
I had ordered it online from Fashion & You website and I received it within a week! I think I found my HG mascara...:)

7. CHAMBOR "Touch-Up Concealer Stick" :-
This concealer is not a great concealer but it does the job decently and that works for me!I have a hint of dark circles under my eyes and it covers them up pretty nicely.

8. ELF "Flirt" Hypershine Gloss :-
This gloss does not show up as pink on the lips but does give a slight hint of color. Stays on for hours and shine is there for 4 hrs to the max.Great product for everyday use.

9. ELF "Lash & Brow Gel" :-
I use only the 'brow' side of this mascara for my eyebrows. It helps them stay put for hrs.I am not very sure about the 'lash' side coz I never used it....

10. MAYBELLINE "Mocha Glaze" ColorSensational Lipgloss :-
Ah! what do I say about this thing!! It's a gorgeous color, gives a smooth & shiny finish and very easy to re-apply...I actually don't even need a mirror!!

So, that's all for the month of October....looking forward to find out what November has in stock for me!

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P.S. - Please excuse the crappy photos...I used my phone's camera since I don't have my cam with me right now...:(



Georgia said...

great post. :) xxx Love reading these things im so nebby

Cynthia Z said...

Nice favorites. That nail collection looks interesting :)


Christine said...

i really want to try lush products :)

xoxo Christine

Dhalia said...

I swear by Lancome Difinicals mascara Srish. I Love it.


Rentu said...

hey do a look with just earth blush, i wanna a buy it, and want to see how it looks on you..thanks

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

I'm so jealous that you can get Lush!!!

Srish said...

thnx for the comments everyone!

@Cynthia- It IS interesting...I love giving myself!

@Rentu- I will do it soon dear...thanx!

@Stavroula- U dont get Lush there!!You should order online!UK website sells it for so cheap compared to the prices in India!

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

The shipping is high though, so I'm thinking about it! :/ Which are your favorite items from Lush? Do a post about them! ;)


Jennifer said...

i love reading others' faovurites <3 thanks for sharing yours! have been wondering about the NYX mosaic blush for a while

Phuong said...

nice makeup

PnB said...

oooh, nice stuff...these seacret people were in select cit..didnt get anything from em going to take a note of these lush goodies and stock up next time im there...dont forget to contribute a blush review here -