Saturday, December 4, 2010

November Favorites

Hello my chicas,
How are you all doing? I was bored today so finally gathered the courage to take pics from my webcam again..he he!

1. Meet my cute lil pup 1st, BF gifted it to me...(Best Friend, not Boy Friend...ha ha!)
Pup is my most favorite thing for this month...(Thank you Aman!!!)


2. Herbal Essence "Hello Hydration" Shampoo and Conditioner :-
I love it even more these days, I read somewhere that we should apply shampoo only to the roots of the hair to cleanse off the oil and not the ends of the hair. This is because the ends are already dry and shampoo snatches away any moisture in them and makes them even more dry.And apply conditioner to the roots only for 4-5 mins. This has really helped my hair and I can feel that my hair ends are softer than before!

 3. Lakme "Honey & Avocado Winter Perfect Day Lotion" :-
I love love love this stuff!!! Its very moisturizing and gives a very silky and smooth finish to the skin somehow...I don't know why, but I feel like it works as a body foundation for me and evens out my skin...but I can be crazy!

4. Lancome Definicils Waterproof Mascara :-
This tiny little thing made it to my November Favorites too! I had included this in my October Favorites post and frankly, I can't get enough of it.All credit goes to Fashion & You for having that heavy discount on Lancome products, and I am so regretting not stocking this up...:(
Guys, if you have yet not registered on FnU, don't wait, they have crazy sales there, cash on delivery facility and NO CATCH!! You get the quality too and for almost 1/4th price!!

5. ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in "Warm Tan" :-
This is perfect bronzer + highlighter. If I want a healthy glow for an evening out, I use it alone and If I want proper bronzed look, I use some other matte bronzer and add this on top to make the finished look, look flawless and glowing :)
It has slight shimmer in it but it doesn't look fact, that's what gives the "glow".

6. MAC Eyeshadow in "Carbon" :-
Well, I have been using it a lot lately, so this goes in my favorites..:))
I love it especially for the creases, it's a dream to blend it!

 7. ELF Clear Lash & Brow gel :-
Ah! I use this thing every single day!! and sadly, I'm about to run out of it and it's not available here in Delhi! 

8. Nivea Lipbalm in "Pomegranate" :-
Look at the damn color!!
This is the most pigmented lipbalm I have ever found!It gives the sexy bitten lips look which I love :P

See for yourself.....

9. Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner :-
My first gel liner ever....and I am so loving it..:))
It gives an intense long lasting black color and the brush is super easy to use and I can now create more precise line and perfect winged liner look so easily...yayieee!!

10. Maybelline Lipbalms :-
I love all of 'em!!
Subtle pay-off of color, but still super moisturizing. "Mandarin" is my favorite...(the extreme right one), it gives a very subtle orange shade to the lips, which looks lovely :)

From L-R: Mandarin, Dolly Rose, Strawberry

Hope you all had a sweet November.



Steph xox said...

ohh very interesed n trying the ELF Clear Lash & Brow gel and maybelline lip glosses!!

Steph xox said...

I ment maybelline lip balms sorry!!

birminghamlady said...

hmmm... the lip balms look super interesting. never seen them in store so far (maybe did not look either, haha :P)

MissPukku said...

OoOo tempted to get the lipbalms!! =]

Susalie said...

I love the Maybelline Gel Liner too! It's WONDERFUL and the brush that comes with it isn't so bad either :)

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

I have the hair mask from that Herbal Essences line and it's FAB!! :D I want to try the maybelline gel eyeliner :)