Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Huge Birthday Haul (pic heavy)

Every year, before my b'day, I do shopping and by shopping, I mean "MAJOR SHOPPING"!!Ha ha...Actually the sale begins at that time only, so I get to shop so much more than I plan to...

So, here is what I bought this year....

Vero Moda
Vero Moda has some major sale going on, it's like upto 30%, 50%, 60%, 70% & 80% off!!
I literally went crazy in this shop and you can see that for!

This is my B'day's super pretty!! The bottom is nicely fitted and the top part is slightly loose, looks very chic and stylish :))

I wore these on my B'day and I was actually craving for this design for past one month, I saw this in green color on back then and immediately added it to my wishlist which you can see at the left side of my blog. I wanted it sooooo bad and when I saw these in Vero Moda, you know I had to buy them!

This denim dress is damn sexy!!!In fact, the sexiest dress I own! It fits so perfectly and has a little dramatic shoulders which I love...

A little floral dress....I have never worn a floral dress and this looked so cute when I tried it on...

This is just a plain sleeveless long top with cute button would be perfect for college wear.

This is one of my favorite things that I got! It is super chic and I have actually seen such kind of top on many Hollywood Celebrities...

Plain white tee with a chic the shoulders!

I had seen this in Accessorize and they were for freaking Rs.500!!! I got this on sale from Vero Moda for Rs.135, I guess...

Forever New
 I just got one top from Forever New as they were not having heavy discounts.

This top is soooo pretty, the shoulder are soft & fluffy and they look very cute.

Forever 21
 There was no sale in Forever 21 at that time but I felt like my shopping would be incomplete without a F21 yellow bag...

A high waisted skirt!! Yayieeeee!! I finally got this...I had seen many girls wearing this in Vogue Fashion Night Out, and they looked very chic and elegant.I found the perfect size and type in F21!!

Super cute shorts!I have been trying to get a cute and comfortable shorts for a long time but all of them were....Ummmm....not so comfortable...But this one is very cute and doesn't look vulgar at all so , I got these too.

 Bumper sale!!!!Do I need to say anything more...ha ha ha...!!

 I got this for college purpose, it's long and would look great with orange leggings..

This is also the same tee as the above one, just plain black...

This one I had seen Lindsay Lohan wearing once, so I got these without even trying and they were so damn cheap at Rs.290!!!

This top looks very elegant on wearing over a simple tank top. I don't button it up, it looks more pretty open and hanging like a shrug, kinda...:P

 Sale again!!Flat 50% on everything!!!

Just got few basic things....These are opaque stockings in blue and orange.

Tube tops in parrot green and pink, great for layering.


This handbag is so cute, and since I had never liked anything from Puma before, I thought, it might be a good start...This bag is very spacious and fits in a lot of stuff. I was getting bored of carrying my Da Milano everyday so got this one for a change...I would soon do a post on "what's in my purse"...I love reading such posts so I think you guys might also like it :)

Lastly, I got this Vaseline Lip Care Gloss in Rosy Glow coz it looked really pretty and you know, my obsession with lip care products!

So, that's all of it.And what a co-incidence, I got 21 things on my 21st birthday!ha ha....Funny!



ClassyandFabulous said...

lucky u for being born during the sale season :)

PnB said...

Awesome haul sure your dad would be getting dizzy looking at the credit card bill this

Christine said...

awesome haul, you got a lot of cool things :D