Friday, February 11, 2011

Ambika Pillai "Pixie Dust", review and lip swatch

 I showed you guys this lipgloss in one of the previous posts and today I am going to review this product.

So, this is basically a  tinted lipgloss with little shimmer.I got this as soon as I saw this, didn't even felt the need to try it once (but I did, as my friend insisted)...It's a gorgeous peach color with a hint of shimmer, the shimmer vanishes into the thin air as soon as the gloss touches the lips, leaving it all shiny and full of oomph!Here are a few pictures of the product itself:

The packaging is so cute, the tube has a mirror and the screw lid has tiny bulbs in them which you can switch on or off as you like....It's super cool!!!

What I like about this product:
- The color! It's gorgeous!!! Lovely pinkish peach color which looks amazing even if worn on its own.
- The shimmer doesn't show up, which. is a good thing for me.
- The applicator is very easy to use, picks up enough product in just one time.
- The packaging is amazing! The tube has a mirror on it, so I don't need a separate mirror to apply the gloss, and also the screw lid has lights in it, which helps in applying gloss even in the dark, now that's what you call innovative idea...ha ha!!
- The smell is not at all strong, it's another story that I am not that sensitive to lipstick or lipgloss's smell.
- It lasts a good 4 hours on me.
- It doesn't feel too sticky, it's slick and light.

What I don't like about this product:
-  Though the shimmer doesn't show up, you can feel them on your lips when you rub your lips together.
- The color payoff could have been better.


(Worn alone)

(worn over Revlon Colorburst Lipstick "Peach")

I recommend this gloss to people who like sheer glosses with hint of shimmer, but try before you buy.

Price - Rs. 700 (50% discount going on right now!)
Rating - 3.5/5
Will I repurchase - No, there are a lot other pretty colors that I wanna try and this gloss is a bit sheer and I like glosses with more color payoff.

Hope you all enjoyed this lil review, more reviews of Ambika Pillai Cosmetics coming soon....:))



ohyouprettythings said...

Super pretty! And the packaging sounds amazing!! :]

Jen said...

will definitely have to try!

Lala said...

amazing colour !
it looks sooo good :)

xo lala

Masoom R. Minawala said...

It looks SO good on you. Definitely going to try it x