Monday, February 28, 2011

There's nothing better than unexpected shopping!!

So, I wake up on Saturday and realize that half of my day is already gone! And since I left my phone in my friend's car last night, I cannot call anyone up to make any plans...and icing on the cake, power is out so I cannot write on any of my friend's fb page to go out and make any plans! It's going to be a bulls**t weekend! That's why you should plan your weekend ahead of time :(

But, I was not going to give up easy! It was after so many days that I was feeling good and plus, it was weekend! I cannot just stay in my bed doing nothing whole day! So, I get up, I get ready and I leave home to find a telephone booth coz no one was there in the PG to borrow a phone from....I finally called up my friend and told him to get ready as I am on my way to pick him up...or rather he will pick me up in his car when I reach his!!!

So, we went to Citywalk just coz I had not gone out of Noida for a long time....over 15 days I guess!!Eeeek!!

And there, guess whom I bumped into...!! SALE!!!! ha ha ha!! There were few brands still on sale so I grabbed a couple of things which I would show you guys in my next post for sure....But for now, just enjoy my pics...**batting eyes**

Check out my new Carlton London flats...SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!! The long top is from PROMOD and the cute Blue Cardigan is from ZARA....

And now, down below, you can see my duck!! This is how happy shopping makes me that I just don't care that ppl are giving me "crazy" stares and I go on making stupid duck faces and dancing around...ha ha!!

Look, I posed for you guys :)))

A little ZARA, ALDO & MAC :P 



Jahn 'n Style said...

u look lovely! that blue cardigan is adorable

Tejal Pandkar said...

oooh what did you get from Aldo??

Superciliousss said...

So prettyy ..
Blue is def your color.

Ah..n jus curious
wht did u pick up frm MAC ?

Srish said...

Tejal - I got a cute heart ring from Aldo and I also posted the haul just now... :))

Superciliousss - Thanx dear :) I got Mineralize Skinfinish Natural from MAC!

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

i love mineralize skin finish too. Its awesome :)

Akansha said...

I picked mineralize skin finish last weekend. Haven't used yet. But am sure its gonna be good since every blog/review/comment says its awesome.

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