Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ripped denims??....Hell Yeah!!!!!

{Tank Top & Striped Top - ZARA, Denims - KAZO, Belt & Purse - Thrifted, Shoes - ALDO, Earrings - Forever21 }

Remember, a few days back I had posted a DIY tutorial on ripped denims? Yeah, I had done the ripping on my shorts but this time I did it on my jeans!!And I am so happy with the results! I wore it yesterday and the denims looked so chic and stylish...

I also did a little color blocking with my outfit as you can see...I was a bit confused and was just praying that people would not look at me as if I am a cartoon but thank God my friends liked it!!And I really hope that you guys like it too...

Going vintage...

....Or at least tried to!

{Black top - ZARA, Tube Top - Muah, Tights - Vero Moda, Shoes - Aldo}

This was my first time trying vintage fashion, and I have no idea whether I succeeded or failed!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Short and chic

{Top - ZARA, Tube Top - Muah, Shorts - Max, Chain Purse - Thrifted, Shoes - Saash, Red Wayfarers - Thrifted, Ring - ALDO }

It feels like it's been ages since I did my last post! Well, I have a fairly good reason...I had no camera!Now that my camera is back, I would be posting many new exciting OOTDs!! I have already got a few worked out ^_^

I wore this outfit to a casual outing in a mall...(nothing to guess here...I am talking about Select!) and it was so comfy! I usually wear denims and I always felt alright with it...This was the first time I wore shorts and I was not at all uncomfortable with it as I thought I would be!!Now, I am definitely gonna wear shorts more often, it's the best clothing for summers!!

Talking about summers, it's getting SO hot in Delhi! and it's March only!The only thing I am excited about this summers are the new trends for this season...that's all!!! I mean, my collge is about to get over, my exams are drawing nearer, and I will not have my friends so close anymore **sob sob**...It literally feels like the end of the world! :(

Anyways, hope you all have great summer inspite of any odds...:)))

Monday, March 21, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick "Peach"...Perfect for summers!!

This lipstick is perfect of summers for gorgeous peachy lips...I had not used it in a long time but as the weather is starting to heat up and I am loosing all those layers of clothing, I have started using this a lot! It goes with almost every outfit and looks summer perfect!

Since I am glad that I was reminded about this lipstick, I thought of reminding you all girls too.I know that almost 70% of my readers own this lippie, so take it out and try it...You will fall in love with this baby all over again!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

How I wear the latest trend...Stripes

So, with the hot latest season, Summers, there are a lot of trends coming into the picture...Color blocking, Stripes, Crop Tops, Neon colors and so many more fun trends!!I am so so excited!!!I am going to try these trends and share the outfits with all you guys...

My versions of these trends are often simple and easily wearable in normal life.Since I have to go to college, I do not want to look overdone all the, I usually keep my outfits toned down and on the weekends, I wear something a little daring which would not have been suitable for college....

In this post, I am going to show you guys one of the ways to wear STRIPES!!!They are simple and IN the trend.I actually wore this outfit to college, so it's not too stylish....but yeah!

But before I show you all my outfit, here are a few celebrities with stripes.....


Ignore my eyebrows please, I am trying to grow them out and get them shaped better....And do you like my cute Chanel logo earstuds...??

{Top - ZARA, Scarf - Globus}

I have "Coral Chic" by Coloroma on my nails in case you are wondering....

I really liked this outfit, pretty simple and comfortable as well...I kept my hair in a bun as it was very hot yesterday and it's almost impossible to have you hair down in the middle of the day under the glaring sun...

I am now really getting into the spirit of summer fashion though..I think I am gonna try neon colors too this year, I have always been afraid of them...but what the heck!!