Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ambika Pillai Lite Lipgloss "Cotton Candy", review and lipswatch

Out of all the lipglosses I bought from Ambika Pillai, this one is my least favorite...not because of the quality, quality is great! but the color is too bright for me, I guess...take a look at these pictures yourself...

What I like about this product:
- The applicator is very easy to use, picks up enough product in just one time.
- The packaging is amazing! The tube has a mirror on it, so I don't need a separate mirror to apply the gloss, and also the screw lid has lights in it, which helps in applying gloss even in the dark.
- The smell is not at all strong, it's another story that I am not that sensitive to lipstick or lipgloss's smell.
- It lasts a good 4 hours on me.In fact, this time I am including pictures which are taken after every 2 hours to show you guys how the lipgloss fades super slowly.

What I don't like about this product:
-  The color!It's too bright to wear during daytime...though it will look awesome at night....
-  There is shimmer in the product which is a no-no for me.But the shimmer fades within an hour or so.
- It feels a little sticky in the beginning but then that feeling goes away in 15 minutes or so...


 This pic was taken right after applying the gloss.

  This pic was taken after 1 and a half hour or so...

 This one was taken after almost 3 hours of applying the fades into a very natural pink color which I like...

And below is my pic in which I am wearing this lipgloss....

 I would not recommend it because it would not suit Indian skin tone, whereas it might look gorgeous on fair skin ppl...and yeah, the glitter might be a problem for most gals....
 Price - Rs.700/- ( $15)
Rating - 2.5/5
Will I repurchase - No...I would rather try some other brand for a bright fuschia lipgloss with no shimmer...


Bangalore Beauty Talk said...

Hey Srish :) Yeah I agree, it is a bit too bright, but once it fades, it turns into such a nice shade!
U look gorgeous girl =)

check out my blog,

CRYS said...


Doel said...

off the topic ... your hair looks freakin amazing ... do your hairstyle routine na.

Christine said...

Its a very bright color but i think it looks fabulous on you <3
Im not that into glitter lipglosses :)

Srish said...

@Bangalore Beauty talk - Yeah, I loved the faded look...n thnx!!

@Crys - Thnk u sweetheart!

@Doel - Thanx love!I would try to do it soon, I promise :)

@Christine - Thank u dear...Even I don't like glitter lipglosses much..

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