Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ambika Pillai "Slide on", review and lip swatch

I have been thinking about posting swatches of my favorite lipgloss for a long time...Thanx to Anshita for requesting me to post it! There are no guesses which lipgloss I am talking about coz I have been raving about it in almost every 2nd!

I first purchased this from the counter in DLF mall, Saket and after using it just one time, I knew this was going to be a permanent lipgloss in my makeup collection and when I saw it on Fashion and You, I just had to order it right away! I received it yesterday along-with the other glosses that I had ordered...

The packaging is so cute, the tube has a mirror and the screw lid has tiny bulbs in them which you can switch on or off as you like....It's super cool!!!

What I like about this product:
- The color! It's gorgeous!!! Lovely beige nude color which looks amazing even if worn on its own.
- There is no shimmer in the product which is a plus for me.
- The applicator is very easy to use, picks up enough product in just one time.
- The packaging is amazing! The tube has a mirror on it, so I don't need a separate mirror to apply the gloss, and also the screw lid has lights in it, which helps in applying gloss even in the dark, now that's what you call innovative idea...ha ha!!
- The smell is not at all strong, it's another story that I am not that sensitive to lipstick or lipgloss's smell.
- It lasts a good 4 hours on me.
- It doesn't feel too sticky, it's slick and light.

What I don't like about this product:
-  NOTHING!!!!!!


recommend this gloss to every girl, the color is gorgeous to wear everyday (my mlbb shade) or even with smoky eye makeup!
Price - Rs. 700 
Rating - 5/5
Will I repurchase - I already did...I bought a back-up of this product!! That should make it clear that how much I love itt!!!


Vanity said...

thanks srish for posting this :))
i'll try it wen i go saket next!

Pithsala said...

I love this shade of pink. So subtle and nice.

punky_666 said...

hey srish....
thanx for that reply..i sure do follow your blog..especially d OOTDs ..
how does the lights thing in this gloss work! its quite innovative .

Srish said...

@Vanity - Do tell me if you liked it or not :)

@Pithsala - I love it too :)))

@Punky_666 - The lights are amazing, very bright! I use it often in the car at nighttime to freshen up my!!