Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Chat....

Today I stayed in, so no outfit posts for you guys but I am bored studying and thought I would chat a little...with all my lovelies ^___^

Today the most awaited Royal Marriage took place and it was as elegant as it could be!Kate looked stunning in Alexandra Mcqueen wedding gown and we hear that she did her own makeup for the big occasion!!And she looked stunning! Now, she is literally a Princess!!Thats's the dream, right? Hers just came true!!

Here are a few pictures if you have missed out, which seems impossible as this was the only news of the day and has been the talk of the town for days!!!

(Image courtesy - )

On the other note, since the wedding I am myself feeling unsure about my future, will I ever get my Prince Charming?Will he ever come around...? The other day a facebook friend posted her status which described pretty much my life's story.It goes like this...“They keep saying the right person will come along, I think mine got hit by a truck!” :P

But, I won't drown you in my guys, go check me out on StylePile  , I need your support over there...if you like the styles I have posted, heart it or even better, comment on it and make my day (which has been pretty uneventful till now). In fact, sign yourself up, share and post your styles! It is a very good platform to interact with all the stylish people and get inspired by their styles!!Have fun and I will see you there!! 

Friday, April 29, 2011

My experience with

If I could just wrap up the whole story and my experience in one word, I would choose......lemme see......CRAP!

I know, most of you order from this website and are pretty satisfied with StrawberryNET but I am just talking about my experience here. So, let the story commence....

I was contacted by the PR Manager of the website and was offered a chance to shop and avail a 50% discount voucher on the whole order and then review them on my blog.Easy, right? No, not for me, as being a student I do not own a credit card but I wanted to avail the offer and hence I went ahead and used my Uncle's credit card and ordered stuffs worth 100$ which included a few things that would have been the prizes in my next giveaway (Yes, I have already started to collect stuffs for my next giveaway...^___^). All went well and my order was confirmed and I received the receipt in my mail.I had chosen the safest shipping option for which I paid extra 15$.Not a problem with me if the product reaches me safely in 2-3 days!

Later that day I checked my order's status out of curiosity and to my surprise, the order was on hold, I mailed the security center asking about the problem but got no reply that day. It might have been the time difference problem, agreed! Next day, they asked me if I could send them some kind of utility bill on the credit card which confirms that it is my credit card and the address also matches.I had never been asked for any such kind of bill or proof ever before, and I have ordered stuffs from ASOS recently and it's already here! I have also used credit card payment on Fashion and You sometimes, but they also never asked for any such kind of bill. 

Anyhoo, I explained to them that it was not my credit card but I could send them the credit card statement and I did. But, they rejected it saying that address was not visible in the statement!I mean, if it is some security check, what could be a better proof than the Credit Card's Statement!!I was flabbergasted! I told them , I do not have any kind of utility bill and hence, I cannot send them the same (By this time, a week had already passed, so much for paying extra 15$!!) and then no reply came!!EVER!! Now, let me tell you the date of order - 12th April'11....TWO WEEKS!! I finally had to mail them to cancel my order yesterday.

Out of the whole experience, I have one major complain and that would be..."Why don't these people reply!!!" I mean, isn't that what they are paid for!And you got the money, just send me the stuffs already!! I am very upset with the kind of treatment I received from StrawberryNET, I had always heard good things about the website and never in my dreams, I thought that they would be so disappointing! I wanted to do them the favor of at least writing about my experience with their website, so, here it is! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dior Grey

{ Pants & T-shirt - ZARA, Shoes - Vero Moda, Handbag - Da Milano }

Don't you feel sometimes so inspired by someone that you want to behave and become exactly like them?Well, I got inspired today to do a high fashion post. And who inspired me? Oona from The Billet-Doux....She always gets it right, she is effortlessly fashionable and one of the most cutest blogger ever!!!The last post she did, left me no choice but to mention her especially on my blog, she is impeccable in that one!! 

And yes, I am totally smitten by these heels of Vero Moda and I just cannot get enough of it!! I try to find excuses to wear it and sometimes even create outfits around it! They did cost me a fortune though but I am glad I got them coz they are my sexiest pair of heels till now...

Now, I am going to go off and study for my papers tomorrow, and did you notice, I am trying my best to keep posting even through my exams??Yeah, it is a bit difficult but I did manage it, didn't I?LOL!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flowers and hearts...

{ Trousers - ZARA, Printed Top - Ginger, Crop Top - Self Made, Flower Brooch - Chemistry, Shoes - Vero Moda }

Apartment hunting is going on everywhere around me and it made me realize that it's SO difficult to hunt down a decent place to live! I will be going back home for two months and will have to leave my current PG and when I come back, I will also have to go through a similar phase.It truly terrifies me!! How am I ever gonna find a decent apartment and a much to worry about....:S

Anyhoo, all that is in the future, we will see what happens...for now, we shall discuss the latest topic and that would be the new giveaway that I have decided to host very soon. My followers are going to reach 300 soon and it's my blog's 1 year Birthday in July.So, I would host a giveaway once my followers reach 300 and the giveaway would end a day before my blog's b'day and on the big day, the winners would be announced.And once again, a BIG HUG to all my followers for following, commenting and giving me so much love throughout the past year!!I really want to give something back and that's why this giveaway will have not one but two winners!!I am SO excited about this!!!! ^___^

And do let me know how you like my new crop top, it's a guy's tee that I bought especially to revamp. I cut it out in a crop top last night and created the whole outfit around it only....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's all about accessories!

{ Trousers and Top - ZARA, Shoes - ALDO, Bag, Necklace & Bangle - thrifted, "Chanel" logo Ring - BG's, Stacked Rings & "Love" Ring - Accessorize }

I recently wrote an article on CozyCot about Accessories which inspired me to create an outfit that's very simple but all about accessories! I love how the they make this outfit so much more than what it originally was.They add details to the overall look and what not to love about precious golden beauties!
If you talk about one favorite piece, rings are what I am truly loving these days be it stacked, double finger or just the original simple version. Though I am still into the statement necklace phase but I guess my vote shall still go to the rings, those pretty darn things!What can I say, they make me happy ^___^

The only thing that I am not-so-happy about is the weather, it's getting like super hot here in Delhi. And not just that, the humidity is awful! It's getting SO difficult to manage my bangs, I am not sure yet but I think I am gonna grow them out...Now, this can be a valid reason why Emma Watson got that ridiculous haircut in the first place and on top of that poor girl have to leave Brown now!I just read the news that it's getting really difficult for her to pursue her studies in the Rhode Island School and she might be transferring! Now, before I completely drift off the topic and start talking about the new skincare line that Paris Hilton will be launching soon (which I am VERY excited about btw), let's say Ciao and study for my stupid exams!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Trends in Accessories

"Accessories can make or break an outfit" is a very popular quote and it's popular for all the right reasons. Accessories should always be balanced to a degree that you can effortlessly carry it and that degree varies for every individual person. Find yours and show off those sparkle-y little things this season!

I am guest blogging for CozyCot...Read more HERE...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blueberry with Pineapples! ( Color Blocking : Blue + Yellow )

{ Tank Top - ZARA, Skirt - Umm, Cape - Honey, Tights - Muah, Shoes - ASOS }

By now, you all must have figured out that color blocking trend is something I would be giving much love this season...Citrus colors are very much in trend right now, and I like this yummy combination of yellow and blue, both in their brightest hue...

That reminds me, about the title....I assume you all must be familiar with Cocoberry Frozen Yogurt..."A" thought that I was looking like Blueberry flavored yogurt topped with lots of blackberry, black grapes and pineapples!LOL!  

And, please suggest me some more bright combinations like this, 
I am going through a "Challange Accepted!" phase...:P

It's gonna be LEGEN---------DARY!!