Saturday, April 2, 2011

Casual outfit for lots of shopping!!

{Top & Belt - Promod, Tights - Insense, Clutch - Muah, Flats - Saash }

INDIA WONNNNN!!!!!!!!!It feels so incredible to win the WORLD CUP after 28 years!!!WOW!!! I am not a Cricket person but still I am so so happy!! 

Now, coming back to the topic (which is a little difficult for me as ppl are still shouting and it's so festive outside!!) I went shopping today! My college Farewell is on Monday and I am wearing a SARI...yeah!!!I know!!!I am very nervous about it coz it takes a lot of grace and courage to wear a sari and I should know, I don't have either...I just trip and fall at the very first!!! So, now that my sari was ready, I went out to get a clutch and shoes to go with it...I will post the outfit pictures soon :)))


PeachesandBlush said...

Love the oirange tights....and what lippie is it? Looks super pretty!

*The Makeupholic* said...

I love the top!!

and btw it's 28 years not 8!! So exciting! Although I don't care for cricket myself lol

Srish said...

@Mehak - It's "Sheer Blooming Berry" by Revlon :))

@Makeupholic - Ooops! thanx for pointing that out!!

Christine said...

You look so pretty, loving this outfit :) i have a pretty similar bag, its pink but it got small skulls on it, very cute :)


kanika said...

hey srish u lukin awesome....lone d's so bright..!!!!
even i hav my farewell comin's a disc party...suggest me smthing...puhleeeeeeez....n since d staff members will also b dere so plz suggest smthing dats decent yet chic....n affordable 2... :)

yves said...

Nice :) love that lip colour on you! you look smokin' in the last picture ;) can't wait to see you in saree :D its going to be the first ever picture of you in indian attire, on your blog :)
btw, could you do a post on how to accessorize a salwar khameez / kurtis / indian somethingies?

Tanya VS said...

v chic n trendy...!!!

lipstick and blush addict said...

looking gawjus..

love the tights.. :)

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Vijay said...

Article updated........


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Natalie said...

Love your looks!

I just listed you as a "versatile blogger award" on my site.

Check it out here:


anaghaa said...

Orange and pink,huh? Pulled off very prettily! :)