Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flowers and hearts...

{ Trousers - ZARA, Printed Top - Ginger, Crop Top - Self Made, Flower Brooch - Chemistry, Shoes - Vero Moda }

Apartment hunting is going on everywhere around me and it made me realize that it's SO difficult to hunt down a decent place to live! I will be going back home for two months and will have to leave my current PG and when I come back, I will also have to go through a similar phase.It truly terrifies me!! How am I ever gonna find a decent apartment and a much to worry about....:S

Anyhoo, all that is in the future, we will see what happens...for now, we shall discuss the latest topic and that would be the new giveaway that I have decided to host very soon. My followers are going to reach 300 soon and it's my blog's 1 year Birthday in July.So, I would host a giveaway once my followers reach 300 and the giveaway would end a day before my blog's b'day and on the big day, the winners would be announced.And once again, a BIG HUG to all my followers for following, commenting and giving me so much love throughout the past year!!I really want to give something back and that's why this giveaway will have not one but two winners!!I am SO excited about this!!!! ^___^

And do let me know how you like my new crop top, it's a guy's tee that I bought especially to revamp. I cut it out in a crop top last night and created the whole outfit around it only....


Vijay said...


Thanks and regds


Cool Blogs

jewelryanalysis said...

I LOVE the first picture it is soooo fierce but your smile neutralizes it and makes it happy fierce :P

Christine Iversen said...

You look so cute, i love your shoes <3

Xoxo Christine

jewelryanalysis said...

A is getting very good with photography i might say :P

Oona said...

ooh love it! crop tops are my favourite thing to wear this summer! <3

thanks for your sweeeeeet comment, srish!

Susalie said...

II love the second to last picture of you! Your outfit looks so cute, I like the tops you wore :) AND your shoes!

ClassyandFabulous said...

love the shoes:)

Srish said...

@jewelryanalysis - ha ha...thank you!

@Oona - Crop Tops are my fav too!!They are so comfy!!

Srish said...

@Susalie - thank u so much!!!And actually my fav pic is the second last one and the 1st one!! ^___^

@Classyandfabulous - Me!Thank u :)))

Tanya VS said...

Love the shoes!!!
Awesome suits u ! :)

Bellesme said...

I have to say I love this outfit! ITs colorful, but not like yellow and blue, (which is too much for me) and these pictures are great too!
How do you walk in those heels all day? =O

kanika said...

OMG...!!! u hav cropped dis 1 ursellf...!!! AWESOME is d word....!! I remember another top dat u had cropped but this 1 is just AMAZIN gurl...!!!
I luuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrv d SHOES..!!!

wherez d bag from..???

kanika said...

also plz temme how u do-up ur hair....??? (step-by-step)

Hungover on Fashion said...

nice shoot..and nice crop.
btw what is this place? is it the campus area? wondering where some greenery still left in delhi..

Ya i even i rem the PG hunting days are real bad..but it's a part of life..

300 followers in just 9 months! awesome, tell me the secret :)

aparajita said...

i m in love with ur shoes...<3

Srish said...

@Bellesme - I buy shoes only if they are comfortable, and luckily enough they really turn out to be comfortable...And for emergencies, I have a pair of flats in the car, always :P

Srish said...

@Kanika - Thnks dear!! I got that bag from Delhi's street market..And I would try to do a tutorial of the updo, it's pretty simple though...

Srish said...

@Hungover on Fashion - It's a park dear...but still, there is greenery in Delhi and it's as beautiful as ever!!And,I theres no fact, even I am surprised that people on blogosphere are so sweet and supporting ^____^

nikki said...

i jst loved dis look.. d top is soooooo cutee !!! <3

ishikarulz said...

Srish , Fab blog !! keep the good work going..... ok i am in love with the crop top, could you tell me how did u do it ?? i tried it sometime back and it was nothing but a disaster....


supriya said...

loved the red top with the flowe broach..... its sooo very cute :)

Srish said...

@Ishika - I will do a DIY post soon dear :)

@Supriya - I have made it myself ^____^

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