Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Fashion and You package!!

Okay! All you guys already know that I am obsessed with Amibika Pillai Cosmetics and when Fashion and You put up new items, I just couldn't resist! And today when I received the package, I know that I made the right decision!!Although I would agree that I was a little bit skeptical about the quality of the brushes I was ordering but they all turned out to be great quality (as of now!)...So, here's what I got: 
- Stippling Brush (also known as Duo Fibre Brush)
- Eyeshadow Crease Brush
- Fat Applicator Brush
- Dome Brush
- Lite Lipstick "Flame"

 And although the lipstick looks a bright red in the pictures, but in person it's a deep bright orange color. I have been coveting this color for a long time and I finally have it with me...whoopie!!!

The brushes are really soft and good quality. I am hoping they would not disappoint me. Also I have bought a lot of Lite Lipglosses before but never tried any Lipsticks from the collection. So, I am pretty excited about that part too. The lipstick looks creamy and delicious... yummm.... lol!!Hope you liked my Fashion and You Haul :P

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Gauri said...

Hey Srish, nice post. I really wanna know your experience with F&Y coz a lot of people complain about the bad service. So, even though I wanna buy something I hesitate a lot..

Kisses for you... :D

Bonniela said...

Oh the lipstick!! Looks good. never tried Ambika Pillai products. How are they??

Great blog. Following you.
Feel free to check mine. :)


Jahn 'n Style said...

ah that's a lovely lipstick color!! love it...

Tanvi said...

Totally loving the shade of that lipstick! :)

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uhooi said...

wow nice,,,,

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Srish said...

@Gauri - I understand your hesitation completely dear...but once you order from FnU, u will get over that hesitation. Yes, their shipping is slow, but look at the amazing discount that they are offering you!!

Srish said...

@Bonniela - I love Ambika Pillai's products!They are amazing quality...I have been using them everyday.

Aakriti said...

Hey how were the brushes ? Can u review them ? What was their cost ? :)