Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

The summers are here and we all are busy creating our perfect summer/spring wardrobe but what about the cute little kids? Don't they get a new shiny wardrobe with all the coolest clothes in there!!Oh yes they do!!
Thanks to Tommy Hilfiger who recently launched their Children's wear S/S Collection for 2011.And luckily, I was offered this opportunity to visit their store and review it on my blog.

The store is in the heart of Delhi i.e. South Ex market, Part - I, and it's filled with the cutest clothes ever!!The brand's American cool and preppy persona clearly shows through the collection which is inspired by America’s elite Ivy League universities as well as the holiday state Hawaii.

The whole collection is divided into three fashion groups, Little League, American Prep and Hawaii Hula. 

The Little League is inspired by the Ivy League and tends more towards the neutral palette with focal colors of nautical blues mixed with fresh, clean white, grey heather and stone. The American prep is all about classic styles worn with a fashionable new twist.The key colors in this fashion group is Heritage red, white and blue, updated with preppy pop colors such as green, pink, yellow and bright blue. And the last and my favorite, Hawaii Hula takes inspiration from the most beautiful and paradisaical of American states - Hawaii with the fresh tropical colors – different shades of pinks, yellows, blues, turquoise and green – with essential navy, olive and fresh white. A lively, vintage palette!

The store had amazing collection and I really enjoyed myself while going through it.The environment of the store is very lively with all the charming staffs and the cute clothes...and ooh ooh! the cute little toy arrangements like the little badminton, the tic tac toe, the toy cars and did you check out the bulletin board with pictures of cute kids trying on the clothes!

So, now if you are fond of kids and want them to gift something which they would definitely like, I think you would know just the place! ;)

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Serena Rai said...

This is super cute! Thanks for sharing!! :)


jewelryanalysis said...

there is one in kamla nagr to :/ but i dont go inside , personal reasons :(

Ashank said...

congrats baby, keep it up, so happy for you <3