Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My favorite nail art method!

well, not the ultimate favorite but I love the idea of just doing nail art on one finger...it looks really pretty and doesn't consume 2 hours or so like doing your whole set of fingers do! I recently saw this design on a You Tube guru and I loved it. I tried it myself, the results: not so great but yeah it works for me...

Update: I am sill in my hometown, but there has been an improvement! I had lost the USB cable of my camera and that's why I was not able to write any new posts. But finally, yesterday I went out and got a new cable and all is well now...I will post more often now, I promise!! Also, I am learning stitching! I bought a lovely floral print cloth and I am gonna make a dress out of it...nothing fancy, just a simple floral dress, very simple...:P  The last news would be the picture below....For those who don't know, I recently won a contest (Pantaloons Sun Shades Contest 2011) couple of weeks back and the prize finally arrived. I won the prize for the first pic of this post. I love the sunglasses..it's round and pretty! See see....

That's all for now, hope you guys are doing well..I miss you all SO SO much!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tiger Claw

Hello ppl, How are you all??
Sorry, I have been MIA for soooo many days. Actually I am at my home and I don't get time to blog at all! I miss blogging everyday!I miss reading all those wonderful blogs so so much! But I promise, once I am back, I will read all of your posts and make it upto you  ^_____^

I don't have much to share as I hardly go out here.But, I have been trying new nail designs and I wanted to share with you all my favorite one!! THE TIGER CLAW!!!ha ha ha...this name was given by my brother..lol!!

Can't wait to get back to my daily blogging routine...:(((

Monday, May 9, 2011

All dolled up...

By the time, this post will be up, I would be packing up my stuffs to leave Delhi for whole 2 months....it's painful but I can't escape it! The amount of stuffs I have is simply ridiculous!! Things had been piling up from last 3 years and I always put off cleaning being the ultimate lazy person I am..and now , all the stuffs from last 3 years have become so big of a pile that it is practically impossible to move all of them at once!! So, I am gonna do it in two shifts.The first one will go with me now and the second when I will come to Del for 2-3 days for my Pearl entrance...

Btw, did I tell you guys, I have applied in Pearl Academy of Fashion for a PG course in Fashion Designing?? I guess not! Anyways, now that you guys know, if you have any suggestions how to prepare for the entrances, please please please drop me a mail ^____^

Friday, May 6, 2011

The golden key...

I got a new necklace for which this whole post is dedicated! I always wanted a key necklace and today I finally got it!!!!Okay, it's not Tiffany but I can settle for Vero Moda for now :P It's totally adorable...I love ittt...

This key necklace was available in silver and golden, I chose golden because from last one year, I am having a Gold fetish...lol!I choose purses, bags, clothes, accessories, almost everything that has golden details over the silver ones...I feel they look much more classy and elegant...and ummmm....idk...maybe more shiny...lol!!!

On the other note, I love my over-sized shirt....my new-found love....^____^ It is soooo comfortable and perfecttttt for summers!! I am gonna dig in my closet now and fish out all the over-sized shirts that I had and never wore it, and in fact, I am gonna attack my bro's closet too...Shhhhh....don't tell him ;)

P.S. - Did you guys notice the half moon manicure I did! Took me a lot of effort but still it didn't came out that good, that's why no close-up pictures for you :P

Inspiration picture....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Good News....

Hello my sweethearts!!

There are a couple of good things going on in my blog's life :P and I really wanted to share them with all of you!!

First of all, I won the Style Icon Award for the month of April on Style Pile!!!! I am so thrilled!!! You all can see the badge displayed on the sidebar...Thanks for all the support, you guys!!

I was this much excited last when I was awarded the Notable Newbie Award by Blogadda!! I have come such a long way since and I have nothing but to thank all of you for commenting, appreciating and giving me all the love!!!

I also got featured on this website, which I just found out about...It's The Fuel4fashion daily. 

And apparently I am also being featured in one of the nation's most popular fashion magazine!!!!!More on that later (when the issue lands the market, I will surely let you guys know!)...

All this recognition has left me overwhelmed with happiness....I am having the best time of my life ^____^

Love my ladies <3

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Underneath the sun...

I have practically been staring at this space for last 1 hour and I am still completely lost...I have no idea what to write!Apparently, my mind has also started to take the weekends off....So, I am just gonna write whatever comes to me, no editing, I promise!

Yesterday was sort of a tough day for me, lots of mental pressure and stuffs running inside my head.So, I did what I had to do, indulge in some kind of guilty pleasure and I guess you all know exactly what kind I take pleasure in! I did some shopping! I know, I had decided to cut back on shopping, and I have!!...A LOT!!I hardly shop anymore.I buy something only if I really really like it.You know the "Love" ring?? I had been coveting it for a month before I finally took the plunge and bought it.I think I deserve a slip here and there...:P
And as far as yesterday is concerned, I am proud to say that I had earned it and I would soon introduce you all to my shiny new somethings in upcoming posts ^___^

P.S. - Yesterday was someone's b'day...so, this is for that someone....Happy B'day! May God bless you and shower you with all the happiness you deserve, YOU MORON!