Friday, May 6, 2011

The golden key...

I got a new necklace for which this whole post is dedicated! I always wanted a key necklace and today I finally got it!!!!Okay, it's not Tiffany but I can settle for Vero Moda for now :P It's totally adorable...I love ittt...

This key necklace was available in silver and golden, I chose golden because from last one year, I am having a Gold!I choose purses, bags, clothes, accessories, almost everything that has golden details over the silver ones...I feel they look much more classy and elegant...and ummmm....idk...maybe more!!!

On the other note, I love my over-sized new-found love....^____^ It is soooo comfortable and perfecttttt for summers!! I am gonna dig in my closet now and fish out all the over-sized shirts that I had and never wore it, and in fact, I am gonna attack my bro's closet too...Shhhhh....don't tell him ;)

P.S. - Did you guys notice the half moon manicure I did! Took me a lot of effort but still it didn't came out that good, that's why no close-up pictures for you :P

Inspiration picture....


The Billet-Doux said...

I waaaant some red pants like yours!

ClassyandFabulous said...

I love that last pic with the nails and the pop of yellow :)

Asta said...

i love how you mixed blue with red. that shirt looks super comfy. you look super chic. i dont know if you read my other comments but i am your new follower. You look a bit like kim kardashian, very pretty.

take care

Très Glamour said...


Love your post!! :) so pretty in your outfit!

Love the golden key..I've been wanting one too...hopefully soon :)

hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy follwing yours!


For The Fierce said...

love the bright colored pants, especially next to the denim colored shirt =]

Bellesme said...

I really love the leave necklaces..

rohinie said...

i love that neck piece...the Key ...
and i love what youre wearing...
do u ever fail to look pretty???

i love that nail-do of yours too...

lots of xo's

Luscious Inferno turns beauty blogger said...

Chic n fun!! I ♥ it ☺

kanika said...

GREAT....!!! yeah i had already noticed the seems good...!!!

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Love the red bottoms! :)

Le Misérable said...

I love how the pants look a bright orange in one of the pictures though they're red. ;]

jewelryanalysis said...

I love the key necklace , i made one myself, i wear it around :P

Tanya VS said...

Stunning as always!!!

Srish said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comments ladies!!

@Oona - Go get them!! They are still available in ZARA, my sis also got one today :P

@Classy & Fab - I loved it too and loved it so much that I tried it also....he he!!I am a lazy person, so when I really do get up and do something, I must really love!!

Srish said...

@Asta - I surely read your comments dear, and I cannot thank you enough to actually stop and write a comment ^____^

@Rohinie - Awwww....your comments are the sweetest and yes darling, I do fail to look pretty MANY times...for example, NOW! LOL!!!! :P

artyheart said...

Those red pants and shoes are fabulous! :) You have an awesome blog!
Following you right away! :D

nikki said...

i really loved ur bag!! where can I get a similar one from??

bhumika said...

veryy smart !!

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