Monday, June 20, 2011

What to wear on first day of college??

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have an idea how much excited I am about getting selected in Pearl Academy of Fashion for pursuing Post Graduation in Fashion Designing!! I have always looked upto this institute as one of the bests in the industry and finally being a part of it make me feel so so happy....I cannot wait for the classes to begin, to learn everything about fashion and designing, and to finally stitch my own designs!

My classes would start in a month but I already cannot stop thinking about what I am going to wear for the first day at college and also on the following days...In fact, many of you girls would be soon joining new colleges or even starting a new semester at their college.This dilemma must be going on in your minds and hence, in this post I will try my best to help you all :)))

1. Discover your personality!!!

I would suggest to first evaluate and discover your personality, what you like or dislike, what suits you, etc etc...You may like boho style and would want to dress like casual boho chic, or your style might be fun and preppy...Here, I would discuss the college wear for normal students and also, I would suggest some tips if you are going to be a little bold with your dressing (I mean color!!)....I, personally,  would be opting for fun and preppy with a little boho mixed in...

2. Invest in some classic pieces..

Buy some basic denims and tanks if you don't have them already.A bellet flats would also be a necessity, IMO.A pair of trousers, a white shirt, bag that can fit all your essentials and so on.I always have some signature pieces like a pair of skinny jeans, comfy shoes, bright color tanks and so on...These are few basics that will always stant the test of time and will never go out of fashion. SO, save your money and buy some signature pieces and work your outfit around these.

And now, time for some visual aid ;)

This look is to help bring out the boho chic in you without it being too much for college...The staples should be a boho tan bag and flow-ey tops.These two key pieces with the right accessories will bring out the glamour of boho fashion in your outfit...

The fun and preppy look! Opt for fun color pieces if you wanna rock this style and build the whole outfit around those key pieces. You can use neutrals to balance out the shock of one color or wear clashing and contrasting colors as well if you are up for it ;)

There is always a girl in every class of whom every other girl is jealous and who is the queen of dreams of every I right? LOL!! Anyways... so, to be the most stylish girl , opt for golds and neutrals. The key here is skinny jeans...and I mean, super super skinny with sky-high heels ;)

To bring out the girly girl in you, you can wear skirts, cute frilly tops but do not do it like a 10 year old would do! Your outfit should look mature and stylish! Wear florals, colors, laces, whatever you like...just DON'T.OVERDO.IT!!!!

I don't have much knowledge on punk fashion except that it involves lots of black :P I would suggest to incorporate a little color in your outfits as well coz an all black outfit can be a little intimidating...

I really hope I helped some of you coz it took me a lot of time bulding those outfits on!! lol!! Have fun on your first day at college and remember to be yourself! :)


jewelryanalysis said...
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Christine Iversen said...

This is such an amazing post, great job :)

Love Christine ♥

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Good job! You covered it all! :)

JazzyO said...

AWESOME post!!
I love ALL of the outfits you have posted on your blog.

Check out mine when you have a minute. I'm going to be doing a giveaway this week too!!

Congrats on your acceptence to college, that's AWESOME!! kUDOS!


nikki said...

congrats on ur selection dear !! its indeed 1 of the best colleges in India for fashion designing !!
and I loved all the looks !! : )
especially the girly girl !! : )

Nupoor said...

Congrats shrish..i was planning on applying this ws the entrance?

Gauri said...

By far the prettiest rendition of college fashion I've yet favorite is the 'preppy & fun' style.

parenting articles said...

an all black outfit is REALLY intimidating. hahaha

parenting articles

Srish said...

Thank u all SO much for all the amazing comments!!!

Nupoor - Entrance consisted of three tests...written, situational test and was not that tough!You should definitely apply!!

Bellesme said...

Could you link your polyvore because I love some of the pieces but when I press the picture it just makes it bigger, it doesn't link to polyvore.

Pajama Diaries said...

aww, you have got it right :P
Congrats for getting into Pearl!

Aja Murray said...

I am not even in college but I love your site already! Please continue to do this in like 2 years when I am in college!!

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