Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's in my purse?

This post was requested by a lovely follower of my blog a long time ago, but being the lame a** that I am, I was putting it off. Another reason would be that I was on holiday relaxing at home and occasionally going back to Delhi to give some entrances, and my camera's USB cable got lost somewhere in between :(.... But!! There's a good news...My mom is buying me a new camera!!! I have selected a really cool model from NIKON and it will be with me very soon....^____^

So, coming back to the real topic here, I generally carry my Da Milano black leather bag or my beloved satchel. I carry a lot of stuffs with me...I am always like...I might need this or this is really important (it's not...:P). With me, it's always like that :P That's why I rarely carry those small, cute cross body bags. But anyways, here's what I carry in my bag...

My favorite bag...it's getting really old though...:(

1. Wallet - I bought it 2 years ago from MissJo
2. Makeup Pouch - Got it free from Chambor on making a big purchase ^___^
3. Sunglasses
4. Hair Brush
5. Scrunchie
6. Tissues
7. Oil Blotting Sheets - The Body Shop, works just fine...
9. Pen
10. Body Lotion - the little bottle is so darn cute!!
11. Nivea Lip Balm
12. Orbit - I love these! I am chewing one now...:P
13. Keys - I just realized, I have 13 stuffs in my bag....that's why the oops!...not that I believe in superstitions but it just looks spooky with the skull on my keychain...ha ha!!

1. MAC MSF Natural - LOVE.LOVE.LOVE!!!
2. Oriflame Blush Brush - I use it for the compact...
3. Lipstick/ Lipgloss - I carry whatever I am wearing for touch-ups...
4. Maybelline Lipgloss - I am not much of a lipgloss person, but I carry this one all the time, just in case...:P
5. Chambor Kajal - I do not use it for my everyday makeup, it's just there in my bag for touch-ups...
6. Perfume - I always keep one of those free trial bottles in my purse...^___*
7. Earbuds

And that's it!! I think the things that I keep in my bag are very common. I keep the trial bottles of perfumes in my bag coz I may need to freshen up in the evening or might suddenly plan to go to he mall and sometime in case I forget wearing any perfume...:P The scrunchie is there because in summers I might feel like throwing my hair in a bun at any time of the day...so yeah! lol!


jewelryanalysis said...

FINALLY your back !!! waited like crazy for you :)

Srish said...

Ha ha ha!!! You are the sweetest!

jewelryanalysis said...

Srish when will you be back ?

Gauri said...

I ♥ your makeup pouch.

candice100p said...
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