Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eeeeeeee........check this out!!!!!!!!

See the t-shirt kareena is wearing in the poster of her new movie "Ek main aur ek tu"...and now see the pic below!!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee...............I have the same teeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! ^_______^
I know it's probably stupid but I am so excited...ha ha ha!!
(I wore this tee in THIS post )

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pop & rock!!

{ Jumpsuit - Pull and Bear, Tube top/Clutch - Muah, Shoes/Long Cross chain - Asos, Cross on heart chain - Forever21}

I had the most amazing time today after class. We got off by 4 pm and then headed towards R's place for some gossiping and food session. It was so much fun to hang around after college hours. And moreover, R's parents were sooo sweet and her brother was really naughty but cute.It's really fun to spend some quality time with your girls, gossiping while munching McD burgers, chilling and laying around, rummaging through their wardrobes, and seeking advice for personal issues, etc etc...S & N left early as they had a long drive to their homes but I stayed for another couple of hours and talked and talked and talked. We are planning to go to Hype (Shangri la) some time soon and I am SO SO SO excited about it!!! I have never been there and really looking forward to it.Have any of you guys been there? Let me know about your experiences :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Curly+Frilly = Girly!

{ Tank Top - Mango, Skirt - Kazo, Waistcoat - Zara, Shoes - Carlton London}

I love experimenting! And I love mixing & matching...These few interests of mine often lead me to new interesting outfits. I washed my hairs and used my new Philips Salondry Pro Hairdryer with the diffuser nozzel. It was my first time, so I am pretty satisfied with the results (The curls were really low-maintenance and they lasted for 3 days!) The curls were giving me a girly feel so I decided to wear something that would match my mood (yeah, I wake up 2 hrs prior to my college time for all of this!! lol!). 
I had bought this skirt from Kazo almost 2 years back and wore it just once and never touched it again coz I didn't like it. But today things are different for me. I think now I can make many old pieces in my wardrobe to work for me and suit my style.So, I went ahead, mixed & re-mixed until I got the perfect look.I really like this outfit, it's really flirty & girly & smart, all at the same time.

Now that I go back and see the pictures, this outfit looks very similar to what Taylor Swift would wear. She is often seen sporting oxford shoes, girly and feminine dress & skirts, and obviously her pretty curly hair (mine doesn't even come near to her hair!! Hers are such pretty curls! *sigh* )...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Woah! Before & After pic!!

I came across the 'before' picture while browsing through my initial posts....and what a difference in my hair length!!Can you notice!! I bet you can! See, no haircut & extremely rare trimming DO pay off!!!! Read my original post HERE!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jay Sean baby JAY SEAN!!

The insane queue waiting for the passes.... many had to return unfortunately, but we got the passes somehow...Thank You Lord!!!!

The ambiance was amazing in Hard Rock, but it was soooo overcrowded....especially after Jay arrived, it got fully packed! Wait and watch...

:) ME :)

Jayyyyy!!!!! ***swoons***

See, told ya!PACKED!!

And that's him!!!! oh so cute!

baby, are you down down down down down? 
dowwnnnnn dowwwwnnnn
even if the sky is falling down....
YES!!!!!!!! I was THIS close to him!!! ***sigh***


The show was freakin' amazing, Jay is so darn cute and he spoke in Punjabi also!! Can't wait for him to come back for another show....

P.S. - I tried uploading the video but it was taking way too long to get uploaded :(

Check out my full outfit for the concert HERE!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My outfit for Jay Sean's Concert

{Top - Zara, Bodycon Skirt - Forever 21, Shoes - US, Bag - Aldo, Necklace - thrifted}

This is what I wore to the Jay Sean's concert last night. It was insane there.I had the most amazing time!!!I am gonna do a separate post on the concert with the Jay Sean's pics and everything ^_____^ {It's done! check out the concert pics HERE!! )

Can you tell, I put in a lil extra effort in my makeup...This was the first time, I used face primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, eyeshadow primer and what not, all at once!! I had to look my best for Jay, you see :P And I was very happy with my makeup and I got many compliments also! The other girls at pg were asking which brands have I used, am I wearing foundation, eyeshadows etc was very flattering to say the least :P ( let me know, if any of you want the make-up breakdown)

And also, my ASOS package arrived today!! Could this day BE more amazing!!! (Yes, only if A was here...) And I did not have to pay any customs or any other charge. And it took 6 days for the package to arrive...I am very happy with the service they have...and I would definitely order more in future :)) 

Stay tuned for the concert's pics and a crazy amazing video of Jay!!! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Between classes and cupcakes

There! You can see my gigantic feet crawling outside the soles of my footwear.Awesome.

{Dress - Mi, Scarf - Bizarre, Shoes - Saash, Sunglasses - Aldo}

Disclaimer: I have not been getting proper sleep for last one week so excusez-moi if I make no sense in this post....

I can literally drift off to sleep any minute now. I have been having a really hectic week with all the assignments...though it might not look like it in the pics.The camera flashes, my smile flashes. It's automatic. I can't help it.
Fashion Designing is no easy task I tell you, it's sheer hard work. So, girls looking forward to join, brace yourselves for a hardcore professional training ride (with lots of bumps). The one thing that is keeping me going are these chocolate cupcakes and pineapple tarts, my mom made them and sent it to me. They are D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S! I come back home, pop one of these in my mouth, change into my comfy shorts, pop another piece in, and then check my mails, and get back to assignments. My personal de-stressors ^___^
But the pressure is increasing now and I need to partAy and shop to de-stress.Sweet tooth is not releasing the right hormones any more.And is there anything better out there other than retail therapy? I don't think so. No vitamins tablets for me please, Forever 21 would do the trick ;)

And, in other exciting news, my cutie Rashie's b'day is on Monday and we are going to PARTAY!! Nothing fancy, we are just going to cafe mocha and chill, the real party will come later. But yeah, I would be featuring her on my blog in her b'day outfit. So exciting! And I am also meeting two of my girlies from Amity this weekend for shopping, looking forward to lots of fun...I truly understand the meaning of TGIF now....phew!

Monday, August 15, 2011

ASOS shopping!!!!

Hi guys, I ordered a few things from ASOS last night as they have a killer sale going on and plus, FREE SHIPPING!!! It cannot get better than this..!!And today morning, I received a mail from asos that my order has been shipped.They have a seriously fast service.No wonder they are one of the most popular online shopping website! So, here's what all I ordered....

This dress was love at first sight for me. I LOVE STRIPES!!! Though I was looking for a maxi dress in the same print, I am happy I bumped into this one.It's such a versatile dress, it can be worn as a dress, or if you put on a t-shirt or a shirt over it, it works as a skirt annnnnd if you tuck it in some other skirt or shorts, or any kind of bottoms, it works as a gorgeous tank top!!

You can see, my love for stripes continues....the scarf is such a statement piece...perfect for fall!

Yes, the palazzo pants are all the rage right now and I am joining in! And these are soooo similar to what Serena wore in Gossip girl!!

Isn't this fedora hat the prettiest!! I am so into hats right now, I wanted to order one more, the big slouchy one...But I realized I won't be able to wear it much here, so.....

Black opaque tights. I never found these in Delhi, anywhere!!I could just find the semi-transparent ones...I ordered two of these as I know I would be wearing it a lott!!

I wanted to have these coz they look soooo good on Madonna!! 

And here comes the star of my shopping spree!! ALDO structured briefcase bag!!!! Do I seriously need to tell you why I bought this?? :P

Now, I am waiting for my package to arrive not-so-patiently....he he!! Did you guys shopped from ASOS yet?? If yes, please do share a haul ^____^