Monday, August 15, 2011

ASOS shopping!!!!

Hi guys, I ordered a few things from ASOS last night as they have a killer sale going on and plus, FREE SHIPPING!!! It cannot get better than this..!!And today morning, I received a mail from asos that my order has been shipped.They have a seriously fast service.No wonder they are one of the most popular online shopping website! So, here's what all I ordered....

This dress was love at first sight for me. I LOVE STRIPES!!! Though I was looking for a maxi dress in the same print, I am happy I bumped into this one.It's such a versatile dress, it can be worn as a dress, or if you put on a t-shirt or a shirt over it, it works as a skirt annnnnd if you tuck it in some other skirt or shorts, or any kind of bottoms, it works as a gorgeous tank top!!

You can see, my love for stripes continues....the scarf is such a statement piece...perfect for fall!

Yes, the palazzo pants are all the rage right now and I am joining in! And these are soooo similar to what Serena wore in Gossip girl!!

Isn't this fedora hat the prettiest!! I am so into hats right now, I wanted to order one more, the big slouchy one...But I realized I won't be able to wear it much here, so.....

Black opaque tights. I never found these in Delhi, anywhere!!I could just find the semi-transparent ones...I ordered two of these as I know I would be wearing it a lott!!

I wanted to have these coz they look soooo good on Madonna!! 

And here comes the star of my shopping spree!! ALDO structured briefcase bag!!!! Do I seriously need to tell you why I bought this?? :P

Now, I am waiting for my package to arrive not-so-patiently....he he!! Did you guys shopped from ASOS yet?? If yes, please do share a haul ^____^


PeachesandBlush said...

Ever since they started free shipping, their service has screwed up. Now they deliver a month laer and you have to pay customs duty on it sometimes. WIll wait and see after yr experience

Srish said...

@Mehak - Don't say that!! I am horrified now!But a friend of mine ordered twice while the free shipping was going on, and it reached her safe and sound! No custom paid!!

Meg.Meh.P. ( said...

@Mehak, no they don't. I order a lot of stuff from them, and trust me it takes no more than 8-9 days. My last order came in only 4 days. Trust me they have an amazing shipping even when it turned free.

@Srish: Love your haul, the bag is amazing. No wonder I didn't see it, I would have got it too :P hehe. And the opaque tights, they ARE available in Delhi. I have 3 pairs all from Delhi. Easily available. The pants are gorgeous, I want this very colour!!! send me the link to the pants, I'm lazy to search right now. :P

Can't wait to see you in them.


Srish said...

@Meg - oh thank God!! I am feeling much better now ^____^ and from where do you buy the tights!!!! I want them too in every freaking color!! And here's the link :

jewelryanalysis said...

OHMYGOD these are so hot , ill try to put the cross in my new collection :) . sirish :D there are these shops adjacent to regal at cp , you can get cute fedoras there :D

jewelryanalysis said...

i just realized :D i can put fedoras in my collection :D yay

Pithsala said...

You go girl! Great buys.
Love the palazzo pants to bits!

Srish said...

@JewelryAnalysis - i will check out that store soon...and dear, my name is Srish not sirish...ha ha!

@Pithsala - I love it too!! Cannot wait for it arrive so that I can slip into those comfy babies!! mmmm.....:P

sakshi said...

I have been ordering from Asos on and off since the sale started.. the maximum time my package took was 6 days.. infact my last package arrived in 3 days flat!! lovely finds.. can't wait to see how you style them.. n u cn get black opaque tights from BGs in Sarojini.. i wore them to death in winters and they still are as good as new..

saanjh said...

Hi there ..Have been visiting ur blog on and off... Like ur style babes !

I totally love ASOS ! I was just so disappointed with F&U .. i shouldnt get started about the disappointment now ..then i chanced upon ASOS and have ordered from it quite a no. of times now ... twice while the sale was on and i was mighty impressed with the service ... received all of my orders within 3-4 days max ! Have ordered quite a few dresses from it and all of them fit so beautifully ! I dont think u should worry much !

zingysavvy said...

3-4 days ??? ive ordered twice.. from the point when they started free shipping, once with sale and once without.. but never got my package :( i tried changing the address too.. no difference :( i wish u luck! and i love the dress and the pants! :))

jewelryanalysis said...

sowy for name blunder :P

Shilpi.K said...

I loved tha striped scarf. I have heard a lot about ASOS. Should I go ahead and shop from it after all the ambiguous reviews?

Hetal Maniar said...
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Hetal Maniar said...

I ordered a bag from ASOS - i got it after a month and paid customs as well!
Good luck to you....


Srish said...

@Shilpi.K - yes ear!! go ahead!!!! I received my order within 6 days!! n no custom charge!

@Hetal - Awwww....I am so sorry for you dear but I faced no problem as such. I received the package within 6 days without any custom charge...

Poulomi said...

Is there any cash on delivery option for Asos?

Srish said...

@Poulomi - no dear, it's a UK based website so they only accept credit cards or maybe paypal.

Goda Godavari said...

I seriously do love Asos! They have such great stuff (and a perennial 70% off sale!!) and of course free shipping. But thats where everything gets screwed up.

I ordered around 9 times and till now only 4 orders have reached me entirely. One order: out of 6 items they sent in only 1 and refunded me half of the amount (Hello! What happened to the rest of my money?). 2 orders were properly refunded BUT 2 ORDER I COMPLETELY LOST OUT ON!

I just have shoddy luck with courier service and online shopping. But this is a headsup for those shopping on asos. Its basically a hit or miss. When they sometimes feel like sending the items they will do it in a nice fashion. The orders I actually received reached me within 5 days of the order confirmation.
The days they are lazy or decide they dont want to ship anything. They probably actually DONT. Nevertheless they still mail in saying they've shipped the items and you just wait for a month till you start your ping pong match with the asos customer service for your refunds.

One imp tip: do not bother turning you hair grey by mailing their customer support team. Instead leave them a message on FB or twitter and they respond back within 10minutes if its their working hours or the next working hr they access their systems.
Also if you have any excess cash, just order the items through express delivery. You atleast get tracking details. Although somehow when it comes through express via skynet couriers, you do get charged customs.

I dont know if I can still stay away from asos but the next time I order its definitely express with a lil help and pooling in fund with my friends.

Ruchika Davar said...

would like to caution every ASOS enthusiast- great website but be prepared for not only OVERCHARGED custom duties. My 6 parcels have arrived so far and I've had to pay undue high customs duties @15% upon delivery, Indian postal department is even charging a handling fee. Duties have been charged for shipments as low as 15pounds in value which is not right. And u can't do much, sending back goods is tedious depressing option as the credit card has already been charged for them. This can be quite frustrating. So watch out and fill your carts with care.Peace!!!

Suketu Adeshra said...

I knw you posted this TWO years ago !!! (And I am like the most regular...religious, reader of PeachesAndBlush..) but it is because of your STRONG recommendation that I've decide to FINALLY shop from ASOS...but then I just read the reviews it has gotten specially about its poor customer service, refund issues and the mystery-custom....and now I am scared...I have got like 200 GBP worth of items saved in my bag..and now I am seriously hooked onto think I shud go ahead and place the order?...Some said I shud do it in avoid think?...please do send me a reply....oh! And u also suggested wholesaledress...which has wrkd grt for me...and I owe you a Thanks...:)

SFE Team said...

@Suketu - Hi Dear, placing an Asos order is similar to placing a bet. It can get stuck in customs or it can sail freely to u within a week. To raise your chances, you can divide your order in parts as small as one item per order, since shipping is free it's all the same! Good Luck and keep an eye on your spam folder because if your order gets stuck in customs, you will receive a mail about it and many people usually ignore mails and they never hear about their order ever again. I have ordered a lot of times from asos, twice last year and once this year. Last year, I paid no customs but this year I had to. So, just cross your finger and go ahead. The pieces at asos are well worth the risk!
Good Luck! :)

If Fashion Is Your Pa$$ion said...

Any idea how much cutom
charges apply i am really doubtful about custom charges criterias

Rohit Shah said...

I would like to know the same of above comment, how much did they charge for customs? I tried an online calculator but after looking at what the calculator says I have to pay 33% of the cost of my jacket which I am ordering. So if thats the case I wont order but I would really like to have that jacket so please tell me what you ordered and what were the custom charges like? Thanks in advance.

Khushi6001 said...

No no.. You should order stuff from asos.. I have placed like 10 orders now.. all of them were flawless.. sure you have to pay customs on orders above 10k.. but thats okay.. considering their prices are pretty cheap already.. but yeah a piece of advice would be that you should always go for express delivery on orders above 100 usd... Chances of it getting delayed are reduced and you will not loose your mind wondering where your order is considering they have parcel tracking option in the express delivery option.. Asos rocks.. Have a great day shopping.. :)

kate lewis said...

Adolescence is a time to gain your own fashion identity. Experiment with different styles to find the type of clothing that represents you best. Once you have figured out your style, look for fashion ideas in magazines, see what celebrities are wearing and look at the girls in your community. Use these ideas and make them your own.

Prz said...

I bought a top from ASOS for GBP 11.50 and received a mail yesterday saying the order has been confirmed. Today i received a mail asking me to pay 33% custom duty on my order, that is additional GBP 4.25!!! As it was still a decent amount i went ahead and paid the duty, in order not to delay the delivery of my top. Just when i finished making the payment using AMEX, i received an sms from AMEX saying a charge of GBP 4.25 has been initiated on my card, followed by another message from AMEX saying a charge of USD 1.00 has been initiated on my card! I am shocked....during the entire process no where it mentioned that some kind of extra dollar charge will be levied on my card! can anyone explain??? Thanks Priti

If Fashion Is Your Pa$$ion said...

I made and order for a dress from asos last week costing 29 GBP and next day received mail to pay 10.76 GBP customs and duty .. which is too much high i guess considering purchase cost.. i have no clue where can contact for the inquiries as asos ppl are not helping with custom and duty inquiries.. Pls suggest i am in Pune.

manasvi guleria said...

Hi .. I am in extreme love with asos but I fear about the customs reading the reviews of the asos buyers on FB .. I also cancelled one of my orders ... Haven't recieved a pay back yet ... Can you please guide me about the charges I have 90 GBP worth things waiting in my shopping bag to be bought ... Also tell me as to when they would return the previous amount they swapped from my card ... On the previous order that I cancelled !

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