Monday, August 8, 2011

Color blocking at it's best!

I love this trend the most and recently I came across pictures of a few celebrities rocking this trend. These celebrities have taken it to a whole new level. Now I am restless to try one of these bold color blocked outfits!!Soon soon soon......

This one literally took my breath away. Emma Stone is really stepping up her game. I am impressed!

Yellow against turquoise! Unique!

Ashley Greene is looking breath breathtakingly pretty... 

Coral is the hottest color of this season and Jennifer Love Hewitt knows how to work it ;)

Gorgeous clash of colors....innovative!

This is slightly old picture of Rihanna considering her red hair is long gone now but I couldn't resist adding this one. It's so brilliant...she has used her red hair to color block her outfit!

Pretty & preggo Jessica Alba...

Olivia's outfit is gorgoeus gorgeous gorgeous! It's unexpected on her but she is rocking it!


Sonam Kapoor looks hot on the launch of OK magazine....she is the only hope of bollywood who is not letting India to fall behind in fashion trends.I love love love her fashion chic!

So, which one's your favorite? For me it's Emma Stone & Sonam Kapoor....


Lily said...

definitely emma stone, i'm speechless!

gossipgurl08 said...

omg i wish i get tht confidence to colour block !
buh m sure u wil rock it !:)

Christine Iversen said...

Emma looks beautiful here, love the color combination :)

Love Christine ♥

Srish said...

@Lily - I know, right? She is looking so hot in this one!

@Gossipgurl08 - aww...thank u, I hope I don't let u down :P and you should also try it! You might think now that you don't have the confidence but once you wear this trend, it GIVES you me! You will be turning the heads!!

Srish said...

@Christine - yeah, she is really gorgeous...

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