Monday, August 8, 2011

Heads up

{Top - Zara, Pants/Scarf/Necklace/Purse - Thrifted, Belt - Promod, Shoes - Tresmode}

My bun seems to be very popular these days, I have had many readers asking me how do I do it and my new friends at college are also curious.Apparently, I would be giving them lessons on the bun and my makeup...which I love love love to do...yeah, another aspect of my personality...I give these lessons..ha ha! Obviously not formally! But yeah, my old roomies learned to make this bun from me and I gave makeup lessons to my previous landlady and 4 girls living in my pg...he he! I absolutely love helping people out in anything related to fashion and make-up with whatever little I know and have learned and mastered. I was not born with these skills but way to go youtube!!! I learned every freaking thing there!! Seriously guys, you wanna learn anything, search it on youtube, it's all there!! 

Which brings me to my next topic of discussion...Guys, I have been thinking of starting a youtube channel..It's really scary..And I'm not sure whether I should start it or not!! See, there are few things that you cannot learn by just seeing pictures on my blog, like making a bun, makeup tutorial, hairstyle tutorial, DIY Crop top, etc etc...I know there are videos up there already but I have my own twists to these ideas which I would really like to put up there. What do you all think? Should I do it or not?

Edit: My new college is giving me way too many assignments now and I don't think I will have any time to make videos...But thank u so much guys for the support!! Love ya all  :*


Asta said...

you look great. i love the round scarf. and yes, i love your bun so much. you should totally do youtube videos. i say go for it. good luck.

kanika said...

i luv ur top..(d detailing on d shoulder z great..)...i so luv d cute bow on ur bag...cutie it z...nyeah asta is right..go for d vlogs just like tanvii 4m fabulous life does...

purnimamalik said...

oh my !! your dem !!!
a tutorial is a must !! even step by step picture thing would go !!
wat all products you have used ?
last but not the least your nude lipstick does justice to your whole look !! uuum mac ?

Srish said...

@Asta - Thank u dear!! I hope i do start my youtube channel,it would be so exciting!

@kanika - You can still find this top in various colors in ZARA! I would try my best to start vlogs dear!! it's so nice of you to support me...:*

Srish said...

@purnimamalik - Thank u so much! But I am not very good at taking tutorial pics, they end up blurry and tacky...I would give it another go for you but I don't think I would succeed :P and my eye shadows are from MAC but the lipstick is "My Mahogany" from Maybelline...I use it almost everyday!!About to finish the first tube and move on to it to death!!

kanika said...


kanika said...
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BeautyBehaved said...

love this outfit!
soooo cute!

<3 BB

Rekha said...

This is the real heads up!! girl u carry urself so well :) btw nice blog.. following u now :)


Ginger said...

oh wow, love the top too!

ilovefashion said...

you should make youtube videos :)

Lily said...

i absolutely love your top!

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Lovely scarf, Srish! :)

nitika said...

the youtube Idea sounds great !! would be of great help !! : )

simple girl..... said...

you look amazing.. love your bun.. would be great if you put up a video ..

Srish said...

Thank u so much guys!! I soo want to start making videos! But I don't think now I will be getting any time for that....I have tons n tons of college work, I hardly find time to blog these days...argh!!!!Still, I will try to find some time on weekends.....

supriya said...

its simply smart and preetty....... the complete look u hav created....

Srish said...

Thank u hun!!! love u <3

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