Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Where do I start? Last few days have been a blur to me, everything happened so fast, I didn’t even had a chance to blog about anything. If you are wondering what I am talking about…Well, I shifted to a new pg near my new college Pearl Academy of Fashion. My classes have started, I have made some amazing friends already and the teachers are super nice!

Well, to begin with, I had no internet connection for last 1 week, so I had written a post about how excited I am for the first day at Pearl, and how amazing is my new pg and the super spring-ey king-size bed of mine (yes, I will brag about it again & again!) but now that I read it, it feels so incomplete. So, I decided to write a new one.This one.

I am feeling like the most lucky person alive right now.I have got my own room, my super spring-ey bed, I am a fashion student at one of the most prestigious college of the nation and now, my internet connection is fixed! Life without internet is seriously a drag. I am so addicted to it, I wanted to tweet everything that was going on for the past few days, the amazing orientation, my new friends, the super cool library of Pearl and what not!But obviously I couldn't. 

And now, I seriously have no idea how to put so many events in words & in one single post, so I am gonna skip all that for now. I will just leave u guys with this stupid looking pic of mine, taken in Spaghetti Kitchen... 

Every thing has changed in my life, it's gonna take a little getting used to.But one thing I miss the most, or better say one person I miss the most is my best friend Aman....Come back to Delhi dude!!!It has lost it's charm without you!


Ik said...

Thats not a stupid picture! Its actually quite cute! :D Your springy bed sounds like fun! Hope you continue to have a good time like this!

nikki said...

hehehe !! the pic is soo random nd cute !! : )

benish said...

spring-ey king-size bed...great girl:)wish you all the best for the new life:)

Manali said...

Absolutely in love with your blog.

P.s : You got such a cute baby face. MIND IT, its a compliment :P

JazzyO said...

Wow, what an amazing college experience! So proud of you. Love the picture! Thanks for sharing and keep us updated on your projects!

Srish said...

Thank you for all the sweet comments gals! Your love and support means so much to me <3

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