Saturday, August 6, 2011

Interview: The Niranjan Sisters

Hi friends, 
I am sure you all are well aware of my deep interest in fashion and now being a fashion designing student, my most recent fascinations are Fashion Designers. I have been google-ing Nida Mahmood, Gaurav Jay Gupta, Samanth Chauhan, and many more designers. Their work is amazing! And imagine my excitement when I got a chance to interview one of the budding designers from Chennai!!!!

The designer duo that I am interviewing today is Divya & Navya Niranjan. They believe "The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress". They are young, gorgeous and set on making a niche for themselves in the growing fashion industry. They not only design women's wear but have also presented menswear in their newly launched "Blueprint Coleccion".And they are currently working on a new collection which would consist of contemporary Indian wear.

1. How did you get started in a fashion design career?
 I have always been interested in fabrics and the way they are transformed via design into clothes. I have never had a formal training in fashion designing but later I was offered a job as a production manager with a leading designer in Chennai and that is where I really came into my own and discovered what I wanted to be.

2. What do you most enjoy about designing?

We get a rush when we design clothes for people and when they appreciate it and love what we make for them thats the moment we enjoy and cherish. I remember once during models fittings for the launch of the label.. One model said that the clothes from the line were 'vivacious masterpieces'..  I will never forget that :)

3. What is the most challenging aspect being in this field?

Giving a great quality product to a client. 

4.What made you both decide to design together?

I decided that I wanted to start my own clothing line and I told my sister, Navya about it. She was thrilled and said she would love to do this with me. That's how it started. 

5. Any inspirational personality that you both look upto?

We're big fans of Mr.Amitabh Bachchan and would love to design something for him one day :) 

6.Any suggestions/advice for the fashion designing students like me?

 Work really hard. This is not going to be a cake walk. It's going to take a lot out of you to start your own clothing line but believe in your passion and never give up on your dream.

7.Tell us about your Blueprint Coleccion.

Fashion need not be limited to expensive designer brands. A flair for putting together and pulling off the most sleek and basic styles denote a penchant for simplicity and class. This is where blueprint coleccion makes its mark. It offers the hottest trends in clothing.
8. Any closing thoughts?

Fashion is a way to express yourself and we strongly believe that one should discover their own style rather than immitating.
Fashion is constantly fleeting, style is forever!

You can follow "Blueprint Coleccion" on Facebook by clicking HERE and contact them at 098840-68691.


kanika said...

i read abt dem on purple peeptoes..karishma was wearing deir dress..w/h looked fab..n now wen i hv seen dem on ur blog...dey look dey hv ne website?

Srish said...

They are developing their website right now, but they are available on for shopping their collection online.

Blueprintcoleccion said...

we do not sell from droppedpin anymore.. you can take a look at the collection from our facebook page -
.. contact us by email - or call directly at 098840-68691

p.s - thank you for the lovely compliment, kanika :)