Monday, August 22, 2011

Jay Sean baby JAY SEAN!!

The insane queue waiting for the passes.... many had to return unfortunately, but we got the passes somehow...Thank You Lord!!!!

The ambiance was amazing in Hard Rock, but it was soooo overcrowded....especially after Jay arrived, it got fully packed! Wait and watch...

:) ME :)

Jayyyyy!!!!! ***swoons***

See, told ya!PACKED!!

And that's him!!!! oh so cute!

baby, are you down down down down down? 
dowwnnnnn dowwwwnnnn
even if the sky is falling down....
YES!!!!!!!! I was THIS close to him!!! ***sigh***


The show was freakin' amazing, Jay is so darn cute and he spoke in Punjabi also!! Can't wait for him to come back for another show....

P.S. - I tried uploading the video but it was taking way too long to get uploaded :(

Check out my full outfit for the concert HERE!


jewelryanalysis said...


JazzyO said...

I love live shows, it's probably one of my most favorite things to do. Luckylady. looks like you had a blast!!

Srish said...

I really had a blast!! It was amazing!!!I love concerts too...soo much fun!!

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