Sunday, August 21, 2011

My outfit for Jay Sean's Concert

{Top - Zara, Bodycon Skirt - Forever 21, Shoes - US, Bag - Aldo, Necklace - thrifted}

This is what I wore to the Jay Sean's concert last night. It was insane there.I had the most amazing time!!!I am gonna do a separate post on the concert with the Jay Sean's pics and everything ^_____^ {It's done! check out the concert pics HERE!! )

Can you tell, I put in a lil extra effort in my makeup...This was the first time, I used face primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, eyeshadow primer and what not, all at once!! I had to look my best for Jay, you see :P And I was very happy with my makeup and I got many compliments also! The other girls at pg were asking which brands have I used, am I wearing foundation, eyeshadows etc was very flattering to say the least :P ( let me know, if any of you want the make-up breakdown)

And also, my ASOS package arrived today!! Could this day BE more amazing!!! (Yes, only if A was here...) And I did not have to pay any customs or any other charge. And it took 6 days for the package to arrive...I am very happy with the service they have...and I would definitely order more in future :)) 

Stay tuned for the concert's pics and a crazy amazing video of Jay!!! 


PeachesandBlush said...

Do a tute for this looK! u look so pretty!

Srish said...

@PeachesandBlush - thank u love! I would do a tute soon :) :* <3

Kitchen Beauty Benefits said...

I love the boots! And that you've curled the ends of your hair goes too well with this! Very pretty Srish! :)

rohinie said...

oh you look soo sure jay sean fell for u:)

Srish said...

@Kitchen Beauty Benefits - thank u dear!I had tried to curl my whole hair but curls never stay on my hair texture :(

@Rohinie - ha ha!! U r the sweetest...though I wish...ha ha ha!!

jewelryanalysis said...

my fav has got to be the second last picture :) , your face glows and its just soooo paweety :D ohmygod :D

Bows,Hearts and everything Cute said...

I love the yellow!! and your bag is to die for!!! and u look oh-so-pretty <3

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Very pretty! Love your boots! And yes do a tute! :)

Pajama Diaries said...

i am sure in the end Jay was lusting for you!


Srish said...

@Jewelryanalysis - ha ha...thanks! A also likes the same one :))

@Bows,hearts and everything cute - thank u sweetie pie <3

Srish said...

@thegirlatfirstavenue - ya, I will dear! n thanks!

@Pajama Diaries - ha ha!!I WISHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poulomi said...

but the shoes dont go :/

Srish said...

@Poulomi - Every person has a different & unique sense of style and I am sure you would have styled the outfit perfectly in your own way. This was just my take on it :))

Deeptima said...

looking superb !! love the makeup and the shoesssssss !! <3

Srish said...

@Deeptima - thank u :)))

Yvette said...

Is that hair all real? No extensions? Dayummn!! Please do a hair care tutorial (daily, weekly, monthly, DIY, TLC, routine...anything of that sort)! Mine has a love-hate relationship with me :( [i love it, but it hates me :( ] Its the most depressing thing ever :(

Liz said...

You look gorgeous and your outfit is perfect. I adore the booties!
I agree with Yvette, you should totally do a hair care tutorial!

bhumika said...

U look fab in this !! yes do a make up breakdown..

Srish said...

@yvette - ha ha! My hair looks good in the pics but up close it's really wavy and frizzy! Seriously high-maintenance!! And I have done a hair care routine post. Here:
The post is old but I haven't changed my routine too much, I just switch shampoos & conditioners some times :)

@Liz - Thank you and check out the link above for hair care routine...

Srish said...

@Bhumika - thank u dear!! I would :)

nitika said...

you look lovely !! d concert must have been fun !!
I tried placing orders at ASOS but they dont accept my HDFC card.. dont know why :((

Srish said...

@Nitika - U used a debit card or credit card??

gossipgurl08 said...

AAwSum !
u r one pufct babe ! haha :)

Manali said...

yes ofcourse we all need a make-up breakdown.. u lukin gorgeous... :-) ;-)

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