Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pop & rock!!

{ Jumpsuit - Pull and Bear, Tube top/Clutch - Muah, Shoes/Long Cross chain - Asos, Cross on heart chain - Forever21}

I had the most amazing time today after class. We got off by 4 pm and then headed towards R's place for some gossiping and food session. It was so much fun to hang around after college hours. And moreover, R's parents were sooo sweet and her brother was really naughty but cute.It's really fun to spend some quality time with your girls, gossiping while munching McD burgers, chilling and laying around, rummaging through their wardrobes, and seeking advice for personal issues, etc etc...S & N left early as they had a long drive to their homes but I stayed for another couple of hours and talked and talked and talked. We are planning to go to Hype (Shangri la) some time soon and I am SO SO SO excited about it!!! I have never been there and really looking forward to it.Have any of you guys been there? Let me know about your experiences :)


Ik said...

Your hairrr!!!!! Its so pretty!!!:D I cant wait for mine to grow that long! But mine takes FOREVER to grow!!!:|

Angela Alvarez said...

Hey!! :) just found your nice blog!
I really like it...I am now following!! ;)

CRYS said...


zingysavvy said...

hii!! i never guessed it was a jumpsuit!! :D
u look a lil grunge :P i like !! <3


Tanvi said...

I really envy your hair!!! Look look!

♡ from © tanvii.com

Srish said...

@Ik - ha ha!! thank u!!!!I like you hair a lotttt, so shiny, healthy & sleek!!

@Angela - Thank u! Hope you have a good time here :))

@Crys - muahhh!

Srish said...

@Sneha - he he....nobody could guess it was a jumpsuit :P

@Tanvi - ha ha! Thank u! You are sweetest person ever!!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

You are totally rocking the look! Love the clutch! :)

Bows,Hearts and everything Cute said...

It didn't realise it was a jumpsuit..looks very comfortable and casual :)

Sovina said...

Love the shoes..Great blog you have here :)


jewelryanalysis said...

i have the SAME glasses !!!! but mine are sort of small :P :P , you look so lovely as usual :)

jim kill said...

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