Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: MAC Impassioned (Amplified) Lipstick

First of all, let me confess....I feel stupid smiling at the camera on self-timer...Hats off to the bloggers who do it with so much poise! Nevertheless, I will keep practicing till I master the art.Wish me luck!

I have a story behind this lipstick, I wanted a hot pink lippie since March and I wanted "Girl About Town" or "Hot Pink" by NYX...One day my sister who lives in Mumbai went to NYX counter.She asked me if I wanted anything and I asked her to check if Hot pink was available having very thin hopes (I have been to that store in Mumbai and they DO NOT HAVE a good collection) but coincidentally, Hot Pink was available and being over excited, I asked her to get it for me.When I received the lippie, I was even happier coz the color was exactly what I wanted. After few days of gloating over it, I finally used it one day. And I WAS DISSAPOINTED!! The color was so sheer and too neon!!!! Even on applying 3-4 coats, the color kept sliding on my lips...ugggh! Now I desperately wanted Girl About Town but since I was at my hometown, there was no MAC store available. But as soon as I reached back to Delhi, I rushed to a MAC Counter to buy Girl About Town but when I tried it on, it somehow didn't look good on me! I guess, it was too blue toned for my skin type. I was sooooo dissapointed but then the SA offered me Impassioned, I was still upset and half-heartedly tried the lippie and OMG!! This was the color!!! The perfect hot pink!!!! I bought it without any second thoughts and mahn, I am glad I did!After a month, I still can't get enough of it!he he...

Okay now, onto the review.....

MAC Impassioned Lipstick is a full on Amplified Creme Lipstick and gives a very opaque finish in one swipe.
MAC describes it to be Amped-up fuchsia and I agree with this description. It is bang-on the trend of fuchsia pink lips!

Price - Rs.990/-

What I like about this lipstick:
- The color!!! Perfect hot pink...!!!
- Quite moisturizing, I do not apply any gloss over it.
- Long Lasting...well, it's MAC so, OBVIOUSLY!
- The color do not budge at all, even if it fades, it leaves a strong tint.
- No need to apply any lip liner underneath.
- Color pay-off is amazing!and buildable...

What I don't like about this lipstick:
- well. NOTHING :P

Swatches: Left - 1 swipe, Right - 3 swipes

Lip Swatch

I feel my camera is not doing justice to the click HERE for a more accurate swatch.Yes, that's how neon this lippie is!!!


Ik said...

OMG You wont believe it! I was just posting a FOTD and I wrote the same thing!!!! Like I find it odd smiling to the camera when I'm taking the picture:P
and I want Impassioned so bad! Mehak and I were talking about how we want it!:P I am so J!! Love it on you!!!:)

BeautyBehaved said...

You look gorgeous!
I think your pictures are fabulous!

<3 BB

Shalini Dhillon said...

Color looks amazing on you !! very pretty shade indeed

nitika said...

d color looks sooo gudd !! : )

Srish said...

@Ik - ha ha! Thanks....and you should totally get this color...u rock bold colors, seriously!!!! Vegas Volt looks sooooo good on fact, you have me lusting over that lippie :P

@BeautyBehaved - Really, you think so? awwww....thank u :*

Srish said...

@Shalini - Thank u :) It's really pretty...and bold...

@Nikita - I know!! I love ittt!!

Ik said...

haha thanks a lott!!! i will!!:D

kanika said...

arrey.......the lippie looks so good on u..frankly speaking i like it more on u...rather than the last link dat u have given....n btw...u have a flawless skin....itz amazing...wt do u do to achieve dis kinda skin..??

Srish said...

@Kanika - Awww... thank u!!!!!!!!!I do nothing much, just cleanse, tone and moisturize...and use a sun block :))))

purnimamalik said...

ur skin is just flawless !! touchwood ^_^
and the shade is gorgeous !! but MAC is so overpriced :( you have to think at least twice thrice before purchasing MAC products !!

Srish said...

@Purnima - Thank u dear :)
I know what you mean by MAC being over is!! I agree with you but don't you think they give quality worth the money? they have the best cosmetics in terms of quality as well in price.Even I buy hardly one or two product a month...but that one product gives me the thrill that no other brand can ^_____^

Lily said...

gorrrrgeous i LOVE this colour on u!

Lerina Melissa said...

You know, based on swatches that I've may want to try CoverGirl's Lip Perfection lipstick in Temptress or Revlon's Moon Drops lipstick in Persian Melon because these two shades look similar to Impassioned. They're also much cheaper, so I think it's worth trying out and you can always return it if you don't like it. They both have great staying power and aren't drying.

Christine Iversen said...

This lippie looks gorgeous on you :)

Love Christine ♥

Ashley said...

Glad you were able to find the perfect color for you! It looks great!

FashionPhD said...

you look so nice in the first picture

UV said...

I have a jewellery sale on at my blog, thought you might be interested....take a look...

Srish said...

@Lily - Thank u dear :))))

@Lerina - I would have loved to try them if they would have been available in India. Thanks for the suggestion though...a friend is going to US soon, maybe he can get it for me :P

@Christine - Awww...thank you darlin'!!!

Srish said...

@Ashley - Thanks! It was a tough journey..he he!

@FashionPHD - He he...thank u! i clicked 8 pics before this jaw had started to hurt coz of fake!!!

@UV - That's interesting, I will definitely drop by :)

PeachesandBlush said...

It is such a pretty color srish !!! Im scared o buy it but !! * hides face *

Srish said...

@Mehak - Y u scared! U rocked crosswires for God's sake!! Impassioned will look hawtt on u gal!

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