Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Woah! Before & After pic!!

I came across the 'before' picture while browsing through my initial posts....and what a difference in my hair length!!Can you notice!! I bet you can! See, no haircut & extremely rare trimming DO pay off!!!! Read my original post HERE!


rohinie said...

ooooooo...........i wish i had hair like yours...im absolutelt not trimming or cutting my hair now!!!

nitika said...

OMG !!! I guess even I should try not cutting or trimming my hair at all now !! Maybe I would get back the healthy and heavy hair I had once !!

JazzyO said...

beautiful, wish I had thick shiny hair like yours!

artyheart said...

Yay! Love the long hair ! :D


artyheart said...

Yay! Love the long hair ! :D


Sabrina said...

Short hair looks adorable on you, but I LOVE the long hair!


Ani said...

whats the secret? Please share.

Tanvi said...

You look VERY different. Long hair suit you though! :D

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Srish said...

Thank you so much guys ^____^ <3 <3 <3

@Tanvi - ha ha! The "before" picture was taken before I started my blog :P

gossipgurl08 said...

u lukin fair..skin care routine plz :P

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