Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lakme Lip Love conditioner "Siren"- review, photos and lip swatches

Okay now, you all know I love love love lip balms, right? I literally have an addiction of lip balms! I have to have something on my lips ALL.THE.TIME!! So, how could I resist buying the hottest little jar of tinted balm in the market right now!!! I finally gave in and added a new baby to my already overgrowing collection...take a look...

Claims : Lakme Lip Love Conditioner With Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil known to hydrate and condition lips and SPF 12 to protect from sun damage.

These cute little balms come in four shades:
- Siren - bright orange-coral color
- Charmer - subtle pinkish coral color
- Hottie - bright pink color
- Flirt - bright watermelon pink color
[I decided to go with "Siren" as I have a fetish for bright coral lip products :P]

What I like about this product :-
 - It looks super cute!!I love the packaging ^____^
- The color payoff is amazing! I have never found a lip balm which is so pigmented.
- It's quite moisturizing and hydrating.
- It has spf 12, which is always good :)
- They smell yummmm.....kinda sweet but not too overwhelming.
- Stays on the lips for good 1 hour and slowly fades to a gorgeous coral tint.
- I also like the consistency of this balm, it's not hard at all. It's very creamy and soft.
- It looks amazing over my mlbb lipstick!
- It does not settle in the fine lines of my lips.In fact, my lips look much more smoother and plumped with this balm on.

What I don't like about this product :-
- Applying this lip balm is a little difficult, I use my finger and my finger gets stained a little bit and I always have to carry a tissue with me to wipe it off.
- It cannot be used under lipsticks as a normal balm as it's very creamy and buttery. 
- Well frankly, it IS over priced for a 3gm of tinted lip balm...



Price - Rs. 225 

Rating - 4 / 5

Will I recommend - YES!!! I am so tempted to get all the other colors in this collection but I am getting better and better in restraining myself these days. Damn.


kritika.m1 said...

I love how hot your lips look in the pictures. Haha!
And the colour is pretty!


Pajama Diaries said...

It looks nice!

aisyah De Cullen said...

Omg, sexaay lips! =D the color really does look nice on your pout! ^^ I wish Lakme would be available in Malaysia

Srish said...

Ha ha! Thank u girls :*

Chic Accessorizer said...

thanks babes...was lookin for coral colour lip gloss since a long time..can u suggest some latest lip gloss n lipstick shade with brand...

Praseena said...

wow! i was waiting for your latest post since forever... ;) jk

Viva said...

This looks so pretty!!!

I have this in charmer(which is a lighter cousin of this!)
BUT looking at you I want this too :P

Also U have fabulous lips!!

Following you!

Do check out my blog!

Srish said...

@Chic accessorizer - try revlon's colorburst lipgloss in papaya and lipstick in Peach :)

@Praseena - awwww....that's so sweet of you!!

@Viva 0 ha ha! Thanks!! I wanted Charmer too but both looked almost similar in the jars so I opted for a more brighter shade.

srishti said...

good review.the product is nice overall.hav 1 in pink.

Alex Jacob said...

This is so good and looks so nice. I will try to get his product if fins will buy. Thanks for this review.
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Ragini Sharma said...

Very nice lip butter. I love its color will but soon..thanks for this very good review.
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samina khan said...

Beautiful color for lip balm…looking so nice and shiny..i will buy this product soon…but I have one problem with its packing which is its will be more good if it will come in stick.
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vaishali Bhagat said...

I like lakme very much it looking so nice and beautiful in color…this color look so nice..I will try this thanks for this review.

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Akansha said...

I didnt liked this product from lakme. Have hardly used this since I bought it. Colour is nice but texture and staying power sucks. I think I have it in charmer. Will try to use it again as I don't wanna waste it.

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Punit Kumar said...

Very cute lips.