Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More dash than cash

{Jumpsuit/ Necklace - thrifted, Bangle - boutique find, Handbag - Forever21, Flats - Rosso Brunello}

I love thrift shopping, or shopping during sale season, I am always on the hunt for good bargains and hell yeah, I am not ashamed to admit it!! It's the hard earned money of my DAD that I am spending, I can at least do him this small favor, right? 

So, as you see, my jumpsuit and necklace are thrifted and I actually found these beauties from Janpath Market [New Delhi] at throw away prices!! Girls, go out and explore your city. I am sure there must be some amazing street market at some little corner of you big city. Once you hit the right spot, I promise, it will all be worth the effort. Not the street wanderer kind, are you? Start saving money and splurge during sale season!! I tell you, you will get some super amazing deals!! Sale comes twice in a year, in January and in July....wait for it and go crazy in these two months :P


Asta said...

love the print of the jumpsuit. i love your necklace. i am a big thrift er myself. i buy summer clothes at winter and vice versa because they are on sale. hehe

giggle girlie gang said...

I like the print of ur jumpsuit.And simply adore ur necklace!

Bows,Hearts and everything Cute said...

I love the print and u look pretty :)
I wait for the sales too..all the time!

nitika said...

u found d jumpsuit at janpath?? I went there 2 weeks ago and couldn't find anything good !! :((
can you tell me some specific shops there?? :O

EVE-O-LUTION said...

Shopping is the only thing that wants me to come to Delhi.. heheheh

earthwalker said...

oh! I am a huge sale person!!! loved your post. you look HOT!

kanika said...

ur jumpsuit is so unique..i luv d tribal feel

Chic Accessorizer said...

luv d look more so d jumpsuit..but can all body type wear them??
Chic Accessorizer

Srish said...

Thank you all you lovely ladies...YOu guys are so sweet :))

@Nitika - I don't remember the specific shop but it was the 5th or 6th one maybe.

@Chic Accessorizer - I think they had different sizes in this.May not look good on very heavy body type but it definitely looks cute on petite figure as one of friend had tried this on :)

jewelryanalysis said...

I love your smile :)

Khanak Mehta said...

Looove the jumpsuit!
PS- check out Steve Madden in Vasant Kunj. I think it's was in DLF Promenade. You'll love it.

Khanak Mehta

Tanvi said...

That's a cute jumpsuit ... there is nothing to be ashamed of finding a bargain ... I think that's was responsible and practical people do! :)

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