Friday, September 2, 2011

Neutral Eye Makeup Tutorial using Maybelline Chai Latte quad

Hi guys, I am super excited as this is my first ever EOTD tutorial!!! It did take a lot of time and effort to click the pictures while I was doing my makeup...but I feel it's all worth it :) 
The eye makeup that I did for this tutorial is my favorite one and I do it almost every time I am going out to the mall or movies or to just hang out with friends.It a very neutral and subtle makeup and the products that I have used are easily available in the market and I have mentioned substitute products also for the ones which are not easily available. Hope this helps you guys and if it does, please please please let me know so that I can start making more tutorials like this....^_____^

Products used - 
- ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
- Maybelline "Chai Latte" Quad
- ELF Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
- Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara
- Lancome Definicils Waterproof Mascara
- Bobbi Brown Gel Liner "Black Ink"

Tools used - 
- QVS Slanted Brush
- Ambika Pillai Applicator Brush
- ELF Blending Eye Brush
- Ambika Pillai Blending Brush
- Ambika Pillai Precision Brush
- QVS Eyelash Curler
- Vega Eye Groomer Brush

Now let's begin ^____^

Take an eye shadow primer and apply on the lids. You don't need much, just tiny dabs would do the trick.After dabbing the primer on the lids, use your finger to blend it out.
Primer helps to bring out a more vibrant color of the shadow and helps it to stay longer without creasing or fading. If you don't have one, you can skip this step or use a tiny bit of concealer instead.

Fill in your brows. It's a very crucial step at least for me, it pulls the whole look together and makes you look more polished and kinda put together. I use the outer corner color of the Chai Latte Quad. Apply the shadow with a slanted brush and fix them with a brow mascara.

STEP 3- 
Apply the Brow Bone color using an applicator brush, you can use the brush that comes with the quad also. Apply it on the brow bone and the inner corner. This will help brighten up your eyes.

Now apply the lid color onto the lids with any good brush.

Take the same brush and apply the outer corner color into the crease of your eyelids creating a V shape.

STEP 6- 
Blend blend blend!! but use a clean brush to blend as it will give a more cleaner look. If you use the same brush that you used to apply the crease color then the color would get all over the place.

Use a Precision Brush to apply the outer corner color on the lower lids. Kinda pull the color down from the extreme outer corner of your eyes.

And now that you are done with applying eye shadow, use a large fluffy brush to remove all the fall outs from your cheeks.

STEP 8- 
Line your upper lids and the waterline. I am using Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, you can also use Maybelline Gel Liner.

Curl your lashes using an eyelash curler.

STEP 10 - 
Apply a lengthening mascara( Lancome Definicils Waterproof) to the upper lashes and follow with a volumizing mascara( Maybelline Colossal Volume Waterproof). 

Apply on the lower lashes as well.And comb it out using an eye groomer brush.

And you're DONE!!!!

Before and After :P

I enjoyed doing this tutorial so much! Did you guys find it helpful? Should I do more tutorial or should I stop? :P Also, all suggestions are welcome!!


Deeptima said...

Lovely Tute !! u shd definitely do more !! :) thumbs up !!

PeachesandBlush said...

Very nice and detailed tute srish. Do more for sure !

Vanity said...

all d beginners r def gonna learn smtgng...come up with more well defined tuts like ds :)

Kitchen Beauty Benefits said...

loved it Srish!

Srish said...

@Deeptima - yayiee!!!!!Thank u so much!

@Mehak - I learned from you only!! yours and Cynthia's are amazing tutes!!!

Giasaysthat said...

I honestly loved it! i can bombard you with eye makeup requests haha!
I am very bad at it!
great job :D

Srish said...

@vanity - You think so!! thank you! I will definitely do more :))))

@Kitchen Beauty Benefits - Thank you ^____^

Srish said...

@Giasaysthat - yayiee!!!!!!!!Thank u thank u thank u!! Plz throw out all your bombs on me :P

Rakhshanda said...

do again and again, very helpful and nice job srish, your eyes are naturally beautiful<3

mermaidbidisha said...

i loved the tute...very detailed n ur eyes r looking gorgeous :)

EVE-O-LUTION said...

very nice and detailed.. you should def do more :)

bhumika said...

fab tut srish !! like more..

purnimamalik said...

and you did it so perfectly !! <3

Srish said...

@Rakhshanda - thank u so much!! I will do more ^___^

@mermaidbidisha - thnk u thnk u thnk u...he he! :P

@Eve-O-Lution - I will! Thanks for the encouragement!!! ^____^

Srish said...

@Bhumika - yayieee!!! :* :D

@Purnimamalik - you think so? Thank u!!!!!!

Liz said...

Great tutorial!
I love that its detailed and easy to follow, you should totally do more.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I loved this! You did such a good job! Am sure it must have taken u a lot of time but its very detailed and clear!
Looking forward for more from you! :)

beingFab said...

You most certainly SHOULD do more tutorials!!! This was great, very detailed too! Couple of requests: 1. Could you do a detailed tute on foundation? 2. Could you do vlogs?? Looking forward to more!!

kanika said...

very's vry helpful 4 some1 like me who is not dat much in2's just kohl nd a lip balm....
wud love some more tutorials 4m u..
keep up d gud work gurl...

Manali said...

nice tut srish... :-) u lyk thick line on ur eyes... it looks good.

anjali said...

that was very should do more of it.

kritika.m1 said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous, you. But the next time, show us the products you're using more clearly, like what your pallet and brush looks like :)


jewelryanalysis said...

this is so lovely!!!

CRYS said...


Srish said...

Thank you everyone!!!! and thanks a ton for the suggestions, I will try n follow all of ur suggestions/requests in my future posts ^______^

Sovina said...

great tutorial..I definitely needed one :)

Akshita Jain said...

Great Job. I love doing eye makeup but not near to what you did. I would be coming up with lota queries.

Scoot said...

wow! what a lovely tutorial, Srish. please could you tell me if we can use maybelline gel liner on the waterline without any irritation? i use contact lenses....oh could you suggest a good brand of contact lenses too. i find most of them irritating after 3 hours.

Srish said...

@ Scoot - The gel liner is good for waterline as well dear, I wear contacts too and it does not irritate my eyes...and for contacts, I think bausch and lomb is the best brand out there.

Nikita Verma said...

great the detailing....keep doin more!!

Unknown said...


m your new fan :-))