Thursday, September 8, 2011

The wrong crowd

{Top/Shorts/Rings - Forever 21, Bag - ALDO, Shoes - Carlton London

I did not wear this outfit today, the pictures are of Monday when I took a terrible decision and went to visit Pacific mall in Tagore Garden! Guys, beware! Do not go there! The stores are amazing, they have many high end brands BUT the crowd is so wrong...SO SO WRONG!! All kinds of cheap street boys were unleashed there, and you WILL encounter creepy couples (no offence but once you see these couples, you will know what I am talking about!). No one was there to actually shop...NO ONE! they were all just roaming around creating chaos on MONDAY!I don't even want to think what would be the scene on Sunday :/  Poor Zara and Mango people MUST HAVE LOST THEIR FREAKING BRAINS!!!! 

P.S - Did you guys felt the earthquake yesterday??!! Man! It was so scary!! I was sitting on my bed working on my lappy (actually editing this post only, couldn't post it yesterday as I was too freaked out!) when suddenly the whole room started shaking with a scary rumbling sound...It took me almost 2 seconds to realize that it was an earthquake! And then I was too much stunned by fear that I just couldn't move until the whole thing stopped! I was shaky for the next one hour...I literally had my wallet ready in my hand and doors open so that I am ready if the tremors come back!!! I hope everyone is okay and this never ever happens again...Thank you Lord!!


nitika said...

Yea I agree the crowd there is pathetic.. But that's just coz of the location !! otherwise I liked d stores !! : )

PS- plz visit my blog sometimes and follow if u like !! : )

bhumika said...

ohh hope everything is fine..!
U look fab here..loved the top n shorts..

aparajita said...

i was soo happy to see brands like zara,accesorize and aldo so near to my place( i stay in dwarka)...but honestly the crowd in that mall....ewwwww!!!!! and i know exactly what u mean by creepy couple...dnt even feel like going there now...:(

kanika said...

i like d shorts n bag...n u luk cute in braid... :)

simple girl..... said...

u look good.. oh and sorry about the crowd....

Vanity said...

totally second ur opinion...not just dat pacific mall but d whole of delhi is filled wd such ppl.
nd dat it was damn scary! plus it had ds grumbling sound which made it even more scary...hope s never happens again

Manali said...

Srish, you are looking SO CUTE!

Srish said...

@Nitika - I also liked the stores...they have all the major brands but the crowd...oh man! oh man!

@Bhumika - Thank you ^___^ F21 has the best stuff ever!!

Srish said...

@Aparajita - poor thing! I totally understand! Even I don't have any good mall nearby...this one was my only hope but now looks like Promanade is what it's gonna be from now on...:P

@Kanika - Thank you dear :)))

Srish said...

@Simple Girl - Thanks! :)

@Vanity - I hope so too!

@Manali - aww...thank u!!!!!!

purnimamalik said...

i love your skin !! its soo glowy and flawless !! *touchwood* ;)
do a post on ur skin care regime and yes ur ASOS shooping spree :D
i so agree to you abt creepy couples this has been the story of every east delhi mall specially on weekdays !!
and CAUTION - do not visit pacific mall on me
u l forget ur love for zara , bebe etc..:(
p.s - heart the bag !!

Srish said...

@Purnimamalik - Thank u so much...!! I will try to do a post on my skin care regime soon...I don't really do that much but i will share whatever little I do :)

Scoot said...

so sorry to hear of your experience at the pacific mall :( very sad. wish delhi was a safer place that way. btw love your look, you look super duper in this outfit. great pairing and style! you carry everything with panache.kudos to you for that!

Keerthi said...

Love the shoes!!
Ive been searching for a top with some lace for soo long n all i see isthings that can double for lingerie!! :O
Cant wait for my next delhi trip so I can raid Forever21 n Zara!! Yknow idiot me hadnt heard of Zara till a year ago n didnt go even though i passed by it almost everyday when I was in Chicago!! :O
Annnyway, love your blog, following for quite some time, whats that signature lip color I see in most pictures? Its gorgeous! :)