Thursday, October 13, 2011

Outfit for WIFW S/S'12

Finally, here's an outfit post in what seems like ages! My health is getting better and I cannot wait to recover completely and do all the requested posts for you guys.But for now, let's pay attention to the unexpected turn of events that took place yesterday, shall we?

So, I wake up around 8:30am and it's like any usual morning. Only I had slept at 6:30 am the same morning and had been working since 6pm last evening!The viral and cold still takes the crown though.I somehow drag myself out of bed and dress up for college in whatever I could find laying at the top of my wardrobe.I could not possibly miss the college.It's Wednesday after all, the most important day of the whole week and I have two submissions today on which I had worked my a** off whole night!I didn't even bother to put some liner or blush on my face.Yes! I was THAT tired.Vaseline got lucky today.

Class was as usual, hectic as hell except me sulking a hundred degrees more than usual.Enters a teacher who doesn't even take our classes and offers passes to the whole class to go to the 4:30 show of Vineet Bahl at Will Lifestyle India Fashion Week. My face went blank just as fast as it had lit up.There were just four passes! FOUR! In a class filled with dozens and dozens of fashion frenzied girls!I had no chance.The passes were going to be given to the girls who would complete the work that was given in the class fastest.Kinda first come, first serve basis.

I gave my best and got the last pass! Supriya also snagged one but later she was very tired and didn't wanted to go and veryyy graciously offered the tickets to me so that I could take Aman with me!!She knew it would mean the world to me! Do I have the best friends in this whole world or what!

Enough with my babbling, now that you guys know how I got the chance to see the first fashion show ever, have a look at the pictures...

Ranna Gill

Nida Mahmood

I loved the show and the stalls of Ranna Gill and Nida Mahmood. They were full of colors and very interesting and unique designs. Don't you just love the lemon colored jacket in Nida's stall!!

About my outfit, well I had to get ready in 30 mins, so I put on the easiest ensemble and jazzed it up with a statement necklace, fun shoes and orange lips.And yeah, that's the Zara blazer I was talking about in the last post. I love it to death.Definitely an investment ^____^

P.S.- Did I mention, I got to sit in the front row and caught the showstopper eyeing my shoes...ha ha ha! I love my sleep-deprived life!!


pavani reddy said...

the jacket is wowwwwwwwww....definitely an investment!!!

Keerthi said...

First thing that caught my eye were the! Yup, the jacket..both actually, yours and the lemon colored one are beautiful! my life us sleep deprived too, but in a boring way ;)

Tanvee Wadhwa said...

Omg loving the shoessssssss!! and the blazer! soo classy!

bhumika said...

love the whole outfit ! orange lips look wow on you..

Kanika said...

love the look.. could u share where u bought the neckpiece from? n also the clutch :D
they're yum! :)
n also, tips for orange lips!

Chic Accessorizer said...

hey...awesome look..specially luv the orange lips...can u plz tel me which brand and shade? hav been lookin for this shade since sometime now but cant seem to find it...thx
Chic Accessorizer

Yvette said...

is 'emo makeover' day over? :) hope you get well real quick. missing your frequent posts!
so you're a night worker too? :D

Corallista said...

Looking gorgeous Srish! I love how you've paired the navy/black with the gold neckpiece and the orange lipstick of course

Latest post : Gold and Blue festive makeup look : FOTD and makeup breakdown

purnimamalik said...

do u noe how stunning u look ^_^
and i so envy u for those orange lips :( :p ( dont take me wrong )
btw from were u bought ur blazer ?

purnimamalik said...

p.s - hope u get well very soon :)

Ishita Guru said...

Hey Srish!!
Love your outfit! Blazers are an all time favorite with me. Now that I see you sporting one, I would love for you to do more blazer posts! I got one from Zara too but it was ridiculously expensive. Do you have any cheaper suggestions? If so, please share!!!


Srish said...

Thank you everyone!!

@kanika - The clutch is from and the necklace is from a vintage shop in CP, it was for around 750bucks.

@Chic Accessorizer - It's "Flame" by Ambika Pillai :)

Srish said...

@Yvette - No dear, it didn't happened, the class got cancelled and it's cancelled in the next week as well...

@PunimaMalik - Thank you sweetheart! I got the blazer from Zara :)

Srish said...

@Ishita - Well, I wanted a really good quality and fit to start with, so I got this from Zara, it was something around 6000bucks. And for cheaper ones, I would go to Forever21 maybe.I don't know many places where I can get well fitted blazers from...

jewelryanalysis said...

you looks paweeeetyyyyy , LOVE LOVE the bag , i think the show stopper was eyeing your bag :P :P

SUGAR LANE said...

Hi girl, cool blog!!!
followin you rite away!
drop by mine and follow if you like :)
kisses from Spain, S

dilpreet said...

where can i find opaque black stockings here in delhi??

i need them this weekend for my old ones got ripped today morning :'(...

its my i dont need to tell u how badly i need it!!!

pleeeease help :(

Srish said...

@Dilpreet - Hi dear,I had ordered mine online from, in Delhi, I guess you can try Incense in Lajpat Nagar market.

dilpreet said...

thnx! dont have the tiem to order online!

but i'd check the incense store in lajpat nagar..though i did check it in kamla nagar..both branches..they were outta stock...can u by any chance think of any other options?

Srish said...

I think one of my readers had told me that you can find them at BGs in Sarojini nagar...Try that!

Bows,Hearts and everything Cute said...

Love the neck piece!

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