Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peter pan & Polka dots

{Red pants - Zara, Shirt/Necklace/Ring - Forever 21, Bag - Aldo, Bellies - Carlton London}

Yesterday, I went to visit Tommy Hilfiger to review their A/W Collection.The collection was pretty nice but I will do a separate post on that later.Today, here is an outfit which was requested by one of my reader. I had put up a section in my Giveaway form for suggestions or comments on how to improve my blog in any way possible.And I have been getting amazing response! People are leaving helpful suggestions and many compliments, I read them and it feels like all my hard work is paying off! Thank you so much guys!! Hey, I am  going off topic here...So, this one reader had requested me to do more simple outfit posts that people can wear more often. 

Being a fashion blogger, I try lots of new stuffs and trends which normally people might not wear in daily life. I like having an excuse to dress up and look different. I like seeing people's reaction on a particular outfit.I like to experiment and mix & match different things. But, I understand every one is not like that and so, now I will be posting some regular outfits too, but a little perked up in my own way.See, I can never wear a plain tee and jeans as an outfit.I just can't! (unless, I am extremely sick or tired to dress up)I feel that wearing just a simple tee and jeans leaves SO much room for creativity that is just wasted if you don't play with it. Even by accessorizing by a simple necklace or a scarf can take the outfit to a whole new level. I will try to post more outfits like this where I will play with the basic wardrobe pieces that you all can find in your wardrobe. This way, it would be so much more easier to get inspired by the outfit and create one for yourself!I hope! 


Mari said...

Very cute outfit!!!

kritika.m1 said...

I love the red pants and the polka dots! :)


Swati said...

thx for making these type of posts again. i m one of the readers who requested the same.. :P :P
Its always good to see wearable stff with a new and chic look..

These red pants are hot and you look cute.

nitika said...

love ur shirt !! I too had requested for more such posts !! Keep them coming !! : )

Vanity said...

i like ds idea..and wat lippie are you wearing? its such a cool coral

pavani reddy said...

nice outfit!!!!!

Jahn 'n Style said...

that's a lovely outfit! you look fab :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Looking chic! :)

Tanvee Wadhwa said...

I have the same shirt!
LOve the outfit!

komal said...

me likeys this one ALOT , so breezy and easy !!

Srish said...

Thank you everyone :)

@Vanity - It's Margerita by NYX.

Bruce said...

Love your blog
eye makeup tips

Yvette said...

Ahh, that ring :) Imma steal it from you! lovely nail lacquer too.. i just placed an order for a similar shade :D

Rima D said...

u look so chic in it....woowwww!!!

zingysavvy said...

another wonderful outfit post!! <3

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