Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wearable Fall Fashion Trends 2011

The one thing I have always disliked about Fall/Winter is getting up early in the morning at 5am to get ready for school. My school bus used to pick me up at 6:30am so I had absolutely no choice.But now that my college starts at 9am, I have to get up by 7 and .......nah! I still dislike it! It's the only thing I will never ever grow to like even the slightest bit. I love curling up in a warm blanket and somehow early morning feels like the perfect time to do it.

But I love fall fashion to bits!! All the layering, knee-high boots, cozy woolen scarves and stylish jackets....**sigh** And this year, I am even more excited because the fashion this year is very fresh and new and COLORFUL!!! Fall has always been all about blacks, greys, blues and all other dark shades but not this year!Read ahead and you'll know...


A must-have this season, especially in champagne color. Just pair it up with skinny jeans, some boots, add a couple of gold accessories and you have a super chic outfit that would almost never go out of style! (Unless Snooki becomes the new fashion icon.)


I was over-joyed when I read about this trend. You see, I have stocked up on colored pants this summers so it's a relief to know that they are still IN and not only this fall, but next summers as well ^_____^
These are the easiest to wear, imagine the same outfit I had just described above and replace the normal skinnies for a hot pair of electric blue pants (or any color for that matter) and it takes the outfit from chic to bang on trend!


Yes, leather is totally the hottest trend this fall. Do it with leather pants, leather shorts or leather jackets...they are all in. Just don't go overboard with it.One piece at a time is the key ;)


I have been eyeing a poncho style jacket for the longest time and I think now is the time to take the plunge.If you are not sure how to style them, go watch Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf has worn them practically the best ways possible.


Honestly, I am not a big fan of this trend but if you are, then go crazy with plaids.They are all the rage this fall.


And once again, the stripes RULES!!!! Saying that I love stripes would be a huge understatement.I have practically every striped piece you can imagine, be it dresses, skirts, tees, socks, boyfriend blazer,and even  night dresses :P
I am so excited to stock up on more graphic and bold stripes, maybe a cardigan or a nice chunky sweater....


How cute are these pieces!! I have always adored the cute print and this fall I am gonna stock them up. Head to Zara or Forever 21 if you also like them.


Don't pack away your shorts just yet coz they are here to stay! Just wear some stockings underneath to keep your legs warm.
I am looking forward to try this trend. Somehow, I never wore stocking under my shorts as I felt they looked kinda tacky but lately I have come across some really cute outfits with shorts and stocking that I just cannot wait to try myself!

So, are you as excited as me for this fall? Which trends are you guys looking forward to try and which ones aren't your thing?

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Ishita Guru said...

You're really good at this! :)

EVE-O-LUTION said...

Oh wow! I need to get a nice chunky knit now:)

suze-me said...

ditto with the shorts and leggings! But I am going to try this year :D

Rima D said...

heyyy......nice post yaar...:)
i love the bold stripes ,polkas,ponchos.i lovvvveee fall fashion.
thinking of wearing my shorts this winter after going thr your post.can you do a post on the 'shorts in winter' look??:)it wud b more helpful.

Keerthi said...

yayy polka dots n stripes, I LOVE!! :) :)
ponchos nooo, bring back horrifying memories of when I used to actually own 2ponchos and though everyone said it looked good, I'm not too sure! ;)

тainтed мeмories. said...

shorts for the win! <3