Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I haven't told many people about my blog, it has always been something that I cherish the most and have kept it a secret from friends and family [Bet you guys didn't knew that ;) ]. Only a few close friends know about it and last summer, I told my family also and they have been very supportive and encouraging about the whole thing. I was not planning on telling this to anyone at Pearl also but in my interview the topic came up and later the same teacher who had interviewed me shared the tiny little secret in front of the whole class [It gets worse, my blog's address was written on the white board for whole 1 lecture which is 3 hours btw]. And today, a girl from my class referred to me as a blogger instead of Srish! I don't mind it though, it's my identity now and I love it. It's something that I am passionately proud of. It's a platform where I can be myself, do and write what ever I want, it's ME!! And not to mention, I have met some fabulous and stylish people here on blogosphere whom I would have never even known otherwise. I am so grateful to all of you, all my readers, fellow bloggers, my family and friends...and before it starts to sound exactly like a speech I should shut up :P

{Shirt/Scarf - Local boutique, Shorts - DIY-ed, Clutch - Asos, Necklace - Forever 21, Shoes - US}

We had visited Boombox Cafe a couple of weeks back and had some great food....later on we visited Citywalk for some shopping. The date was 11.11.11.....And from now on, it's our official Shopping Day! Yeah, it's a little pact between me and A, to meet every year on this date for lots and lots of shopping NO.MATTER.WHAT. ha ha! We are weird that! And plus, it will be a great excuse for a re-union every year!!

P.S.- And the obsession with Shirts continues!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am now on Bloglovin!!!

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I just learned that GFC is soon gonna be closed down!! Why Google??
Without GFC, I have no idea how I am gonna read all my favorite blogs everyday but until I figure that out I am shifting to bloglovin so that I get the hang of it till March (which is when GFC is going down ).
And it's a request to all my followers, please follow me on bloglovin if you wanna be updated with the new posts here.Thank you! Love you all!! kisses :* :*

Monday, November 28, 2011

Venting much?

{Top - Gap, Leggings - U.S., Flats - Rosso Brunello, Bag/Necklace - Forever 21

Yes, I am writing a blog post early in the morning when I should be attending my classes and giving the presentation on which I spent 4 hours last night. Not to mention the other big a** H.U.G.E assignment I had to complete which took the whole night. I finished it around 7:30 in the morning, took bath, got ready with makeup done (If you pull an all-nighter, you'll know why I needed makeup for college.) and then received this message from the CR that the class has been cancelled and the presentation has been scheduled for Friday! FRIDAY!!! I am so mad!!! I had to vent and blog seemed to be the best place at this time (my friends are too sleepy to give a rat's a**).....And I can't even go back to sleep coz I have to go to college just to submit the big a** H.U.G.E assignment....I will go after posting this but I am so mad the presentation did not happen today....I was so ready today....I had prepared everything...the presentation was about Chanel whose history, geography is now permanently scripted in my head.Who knows, I will forget it by Friday or some two wheeler would crush my pen-drive which has the presentation or my laptop would crash (at the current condition, that is a possibility!)...Booooo....I so wanted it to be today....

Hope all of you have a better monday morning...:)

P.S.- This outfit is OBVIOUSLY old since I haven't got a chance to dress up properly in what seems like ages.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quick & Easy

{Top/Necklace - Forever 21, Skirt - Globus, Scarf - thrifted, Shoes - U.S., Bag - Aldo}

Okay, here's the thing. I came up with this outfit in exactly 6 minutes, hence the title. A black mini skirt has been a savior for me on many occasions. I own three different kinds of them, the plain fitted mini one, the mini ruffled one and a pencil form, all high-waisted. I just throw on a pretty top, a necklace (which I freakinn LOVE!!) and a cute scarf and I am out the door in 6 minutes to be exact.And yeah, shoes too :)

......I have been on twitter almost the whole day today and wasted a lot of time that I could have used to complete my report.Although, the topic is incredibly interesting and I love reading about it but just because there's a deadline to meet, I don't feel like reading anything. The topic is Chanel by the way. I have read a little about Coco Chanel's life and it is very interesting!! She had an extraordinary talent and determination for life and innate sense of elegance.The story of her life is truly captivating. I will share more once I am done with the report.I should probably get started on it now. The deadline is tomorrow morning, 10a.m....

Woodland Store Review

WOODLAND is one of those brands where you are forever assured of quality of the products they offer. You wear the shoes over and over throughout the years and it will still stand the test of time. So, when I was offered an opportunity to visit and review the store, I grabbed it at once. 

The flagship store of the brand is located in South Extension, Part-II, New Delhi and it's huge! Spread across the two spacious floors, the evolving collection will surely surprise you. 

These sleeveless jackets were A's fav and he got the black one out of the lot. They were priced at Rs.3499 which in my opinion is not much if you getting a good quality jacket which will last you at least next 3 seasons.

This bag was a stunner and I had noticed it from outside the store itself. But being priced something around Rs.6000, it was too steep IMO.

Amazing collection of shoes for the ladies! That's one huge improvement that Woodland has made.They don't only offer adventure wear anymore, they have amazing collection of heels and party wear shoes and handbags available now under a sub-brand called WOODS.The new vast variety available is primarily the introduction of the sub-brand, which is primarily into party and formal wear.. They definitely get a brownie point for that :)

I won't complain about the price here coz these are incredibly comfortable to walk in and the quality is the best. All the shoes are priced in the range of Rs.2000 to Rs.8000. A wide variety of options, I must say. 

These shoe care products are imported from Germany and are one of the best that's available in the market ('A' guarantees!).

The visit to the store was absolutely a lovely experience for me. The Autumn/Winter collection has hit the stores and is amazing.The hoodies and jackets are definitely worth checking out.And be assured about the quality, every penny they charge you is worth it!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Flea By Nite" Accessory Haul

So, here is the Accessory haul that you guys wanted to see. I got these from the "Flea by Nite" event organised by Cosmopolitan and Olive at the Qutub. To check out the pictures of the event, click HERE :) In a nutshell, it was an event showcasing new upcoming designer's accessory collection which were available for purchase on various discounts.

Original Price - Rs.3800/-  or $76
Discounted Price - Rs. 3600 or $72

I got this super pretty necklace from OUTHOUSE .The price was a little steep but I think they deserved it. The craftsmanship of the necklace is amazing. You seriously get the quality for what you have paid.

Original Price: Tan clutch - Rs.800 or $16 , Cardholder - Rs. 800 or $16
Discounted PriceTan Clutch - Rs.400 or $8, Cardholder - No Discount

I also got these from JOLI Proudly Made In India . At Rs.400, the clutch was a steal!!! They were available in many different colors and sizes as well. The cardholder is made of very soft and durable leather, my bff Aman got it for himself.

So, that's all I got from the event. Hope you guys liked them :)

The Thoughtful Dresser

{ Shirt - Local boutique, Shorts - Forever 21, Bag - Aldo, Scarf/Shoes/Stockings - Asos}

Would you believe it if I say, I built this whole outfit around those stockings?? 

I really wanted to wear these stockings as soon as fall arrived. I have been waiting for this moment since past 2 months. Remember, I had ordered two of them from asos a couple of months back? I had to wear either a really long top or shorts or a skirt with these (modesty purposes). No matter how much denier, always wear one of those listed above with stockings. ALWAYS.Mine was 100, and I went with shorts. Now, you all know about my latest crush which I have on shirts, right? Especially this rich soft blue one...I freaking love it!!I want to live in this blue heavenly thing...I added the shoes in the last (duh!), I was thinking black but these looked so much more yumm.So, this is how this outfit was created. True Story.