Friday, November 18, 2011

'Accessory Special- Flea By Nite' organised by Cosmopolitan Magazine & Olive at the Qutub

Olive at Qutub
and Cosmopolitan Magazine
'Accessory Special - Flea By Nite'
One Style Mile, Kalka Dass Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi
Phone: 29574444

"A riotous, rambunctious ‘flea market’ came alive bigger and better than ever before as Olive at Qutub collaborates with Cosmopolitan magazine to take this flea to a whole new level of Fashion Crazy!!

The Bizzare Bazzar of Art, Fashion, Music and what not's  set the night on fire with an inflammable, riotous spirit illuminating the night sky!

The Theme of the night: Fash Forward Accessories- Jewellery , Shoes , Bags and more..

Starring Focus Designer: Suhani Pitti who will showcase her fabulous work with a Fashion walk  down the white pebbled courtyard oF Olive to the sexy beats of DJ Sangay Nadu.

The same familiar bonhomie and carefree conviviality will come alive once again , dancing in the moonlight under the Magical Banyan Tree."

A couple of days back, I received an invitation to a private preview of  'Accessory Special- Flea By Nite'  organised by Cosmopolitan Magazine and Olive at the Qutub(Bar & Kitchen) on November 16'11. The invitation was for the same night but the event sounded really exciting and different to me so I readily accepted. And after attending the event, I am so glad that I decided to attend it on such a short notice because it was truly mesmerizing and spectacular. The stalls were all beautiful and creative. The accessories were just amazing! I was like a kid in a candy store!!Like, seriously!! And lastly, who would not like free food and drinks ;) I had a gala time and now I will let the pictures speak for itself....

I bought one amazing piece out all of these jewelleries....Can you guess which one??

I bet you skipped a heartbeat!!! Cuz I did, when I saw these sexy clutches ^____^

Tweeting how kick-ass the event is :P

The most creative display of all by Nitya Bajaj

Me with Nitya, she is really sweet and friendly...

The event also starred focus deisgner Suhani Pittie with a fashion walk

The ever so gorgeous Nandini Bhalla, Editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine, in an absolutely stunning gold and champagne dress....

At the end of the event, I was pretty exhausted with all the excitement, shopping and hogging. But I am not complaining as now I am one jewellery and a clutch more richer :P


Corallista said...

my heart did skip a beat, not for the clutches but for the jewelry! cant wait to see ur purchases~

EVE-O-LUTION said...

loved the jewellery :) and your blazer!!!

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Looks like a kick ass event! :) you look great! And I absolutely love the necklace with the black fringes, did you pick that one? :)

Bonniela said...

I love the neck pieces! Gorge!!

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

You were looking so amazing!

new post - follow me♥mfashionfreak

PeachesandBlush said...

Cant believe i couldnt make it :(
Seemed so fun!

Srish said...

@Corallista - Well, I had a major heart attack when I saw those jewellery....HAD to get one!! Will post the haul today, I promise :)

@Eve-O-Lution - Thank you ^____^

@A lot like Fashion - Thank you honey :) And not exactly that one but you are close ;)

Srish said...

@Bonniela - Yes, they were stunning...all of them!! It was so difficult to choose one! I actually spent over 15 minutes trying to pick one :P

@Mihaela - Thank you sweetheart :)

@Mehak - Yes, it was...I really wish you were there, it would have been so much more fun!!

zingysavvy said...

u look damn pretty :)) and seems like u had hell of a time :)