Friday, November 18, 2011

The simplest solution

{Top/Handbag - Forever 21, Shorts - DIY, Scarf - thrifted, Shoes - Saash}

I know I had promised this post 2 days ago, I am sorry for the extreme delay. I was very sleepy that night, the other night I had an event to attend and the third night, well here I am :)

Life's been suddenly treating me well...The work load has reduced, the deadlines have been postponed, online orders arrived, and what not. To top it all off, I was invited to an exclusive party organised by Cosmopolitan magazine. I attended the event last night and it was amazing. Won't discuss it in too much detail though as the next post would be self-explanatory with tonnes of pictures and captions ;)

This top that I am wearing in this outfit post was a gift from my mom. I have had it in my wardrobe for a pretty long time as I was unsure of how to wear it. I had thought of all possible methods, layering, wearing over stockings, tights or blue pants, pairing with a skirt with a another tank inside and so on. But nothing seemed to please me, so there the top was, lying in my wardrobe for one whole year!! Finally I gave up and wore the damn thing on it's own, in the simplest way possible and man, they say it right...The simplest solutions are often the best solutions! I just gained a little wisdom today. Thank you mum :)


nitika said...

That's a very cute top !! : )

Vanity said...

i rembr that haul post with this post, i've something like this too...but the chill!!

Bows,Hearts and everything Cute said...

nice top!

Harshleen@BeautyTidbits said...

That's a cute top! You look lovely.

Palak said...

I like the top... nice back detailing :)

Chic Accessorizer said...

very cute top luv the a follower of ur lovely blog..follow me plz:)

Chic Accessorizer

A said...

Thats so cute!! your have a nice collection of sunglasses :)
I have a long (ankle length) black skirt, some thing like this
Do you have any suggestions to what I can wear it with???
Thanks :)

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Your scarf is so pretty, and you are too :)

my blog-follow me♥mfashionfreak

Tanvee Wadhwa said...

You look amazing! The bag is really cute! ..and dont know why but i feel your hairstyle has changed a bit!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Looking great Srish! I love his scarf of yours!

Namita said...

Pretty girl!!!!

Loved everything,,
simple yet very nice :)

God bless you :)

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