Sunday, November 6, 2011

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

So, the first makeup tutorial that I had done a few weeks back got great response so I went ahead and made another tutorial post for you guys which is my another favorite....Smokey eye makeup! It's really really easy and hardly takes more than 10 mins to do, great for parties, dinners or any evening event and I am sure it looks good on everyone!! So, let's get started!!

Products used - 
- ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
- MAC carbon e/s 
- MAC swiss chocolate e/s
- ELF Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
- Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara
- Lancome Definicils Waterproof Mascara
- Bobbi Brown Gel Liner "Black Ink"

Tools used - 
- QVS Slanted Brush
- Ambika Pillai Applicator Brush
- ELF Blending Eye Brush
- Ambika Pillai Blending Brush
- Ambika Pillai Precision Brush
- QVS Eyelash Curler
- Vega Eye Groomer Brush

Now, I have already done STEP 1 & 2 which means I have primed my lids and groomed my brows.But if you guys wanna see the pictures of these steps, click HERE for the previous post.

STEP 3 -
Take any gel liner (if you don't have one, you can use your pencil liner as well, but liquid liner won't work well here) and apply it on your lids till the crease line. It might look crazy and all over the place but it will clear up, I promise. You don't have to be neat in the application, just slap on the liner.

STEP 4 - 
Now, using your ring finger spread the liner evenly and slightly smudge it around the edges.

STEP 5 - 
Take a fluffy brush and pick up some brown eye shadow and apply it right over the edge of the liner smudge you have created.Apply plenty of the shadow and hide the black rough edge.

STEP 6 - 
Using the same brush, blend out the brown shadow making sure the black underneath doesn't show.

STEP 7 -
I am using the same brush to pick up a matte black shadow as well. Apply the shadow right on your lids blending it in with the brown that you had just applied.

STEP 8 -
Take any highlighter color, matte or shimmery and apply it right under your eyebrows and blend.

STEP 9 - 
Using a blending brush, blend out everything and make sure there are no harsh lines showing.

STEP 10 - 
Take a precision brush and pick up the same matte black shadow and apply it below your lower lashes. Don't go all the way inside, just 3/4 of the eye would do. This gives a very complete look to the eyes.

STEP 11 - 
Now, apply your liner, kajal and some mascara and you're done!

(with flash)

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and if you try the look, please tweet me a picture or post on my facebook page. I would love to see your twist on them :)


kritika.m1 said...

Its perfect. Exactly how I do mine, just that I use a cream based eye shadow in stead of gel liner!


CRYS said...


Tanvee Wadhwa said...

pretty pretty :)

purnimamalik said...

Srish i cant tell you how perfect this one is !!

Vanity said...

you are a pro at should come up with more such tutes :)

Asta said...

damn i want your eyelashes :-) i have to try this look.

Fathima Abdul Kader said...

you are very very good at make more of such easy to follow tuts..!! Why don't u add beauty to the etc. of style fashion etc.. ?! :D

EVE-O-LUTION said...

I used to do the 1st step with pencil- will try with gel liner too.... great look!!!

Srish said...

@Kritika - But, doesn't cream shadow creases a lot? I have always stayed away from cream shadows coz they crease a lot on the lids...

@Crys - Thank u!! :)

@ Tanvee - thank you thank you!!

Srish said...

@Purnima - Thank you so much dear, I try my best :)

@Vanity - really? I am so flattered! thank you ^___^

@Asta - ha ha! My lashes aren't that long really ...

Srish said...

@Fathima - I am thinking of doing so...ha ha ha! thanks a lot :)

@Eve-O-Lution - Pencil is good too but gel works a lot also has more color intensity..

Yvette said...

Dang, your lashes :( major lash envy!

Yvette said...

Lovely tutorial, btw :) You make it look so simple! You should Definitely do more such tutorials. With a picture of the products too, maybe?

On a totally (totally!) different note - have you been sucked into the k-drama craze? I friggin' Love these Koreans! I'm currently irrevocably obsessed with the series "You Are Beautiful".

I Insist you watch that ;)

(And yes, I Have been going around coercing others to watch it :D I'm addicted. Totally. Addicted.)

Komal said...

this is sooooo paweeety!!! will it look okay on people with reallyyyyyyy small eyes :P

Abby said...

This is soo easy!!! Thanks for posting!!!

Daria said...

I really like your make up !

kritika.m1 said...

I use the mineral make up cream shadows with a good base of eye primer and they work just fine for 5-6 hours for a night out! :)

Karishma said...

woah.. that was a friggin awesome tutorial and very easy too!
and you remind mr of Kim Kardashian, do yours friends think so too?

Rima D said...

Sesky.....;D..Amazingly easy and perfect smokey eyes...Thanks Srish!!

Srish said...

@Yvette - Aren't you a doll! Thank you for your lash envy comment, totally made my day ;) and yes, that's a really good idea to include a picture of the products...the idea never crossed my mind! Silly me :P

@Komal - For small eyes, I think you should avoid lining your waterline or instead using black kohl, use a white liner, it will make your eyes look bigger.

@Abby - u r welcome :)

Srish said...

@Daria - Thank you dear!

@kritika - I will try that some day. Thanks for the suggestion :)

@Karishma - Thank you dear! And I have got that a lot from my other readers that I look like Kim...ha ha! I myself don't see any similarity...she is far more gorgeous and sexy...!!

@Rima D - U r welcome...glad I could help ^___^

Raluca L.C. said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial! It has been very helpful!

shimmerpole said...

That's a really pretty eye look! Can you do one in purple? or green? Gonna try it out now! :)

zingysavvy said...

wow.. really pretty srish.. i think u shud do more of such tuts :D *thumbs up* :)

Ri(t)ch Styles said...

Awesome tips! Will surely try it out :)


AnNeTtEe said...

this is my go to smokey eye look for special occasions! it's easy & very classy! you did a great job!! I love it!!!! it would be awesome though if you would include a picture of the full face... just a suggestion.. but either way I enjoyed this post..

Unknown said...

Hey Srish..

This is my first time on your blog...and the tute is so damn easy...just <3 it...

looking forward to more such tutes from u..

Preety Khanna said...

That is SO pretty!
You did it flawlessly :)
I recently bought a pure intense eyeshadow palette from oriflame and i think i will be able to create this look with the palette.. it has the most pigmented shades and that too at a very low cost!

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