Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Thoughtful Dresser

{ Shirt - Local boutique, Shorts - Forever 21, Bag - Aldo, Scarf/Shoes/Stockings - Asos}

Would you believe it if I say, I built this whole outfit around those stockings?? 

I really wanted to wear these stockings as soon as fall arrived. I have been waiting for this moment since past 2 months. Remember, I had ordered two of them from asos a couple of months back? I had to wear either a really long top or shorts or a skirt with these (modesty purposes). No matter how much denier, always wear one of those listed above with stockings. ALWAYS.Mine was 100, and I went with shorts. Now, you all know about my latest crush which I have on shirts, right? Especially this rich soft blue one...I freaking love it!!I want to live in this blue heavenly thing...I added the shoes in the last (duh!), I was thinking black but these looked so much more yumm.So, this is how this outfit was created. True Story.


crazypoplock said...

Love the red shoes!

Yvette said...

i think this counts as one of your best outfit posts.

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

you look so great.^^ :D

my blog♥mfashionfreak

Carrie said...

you look really pretty! i love the whole outfit. in fact, i'm going to try to recreat it just because i like it that much. :D


EVE-O-LUTION said...

I have a similar scarf yayyyyy
and I HAVE to get a silky shirt now.... lol- I love dit in an earlier post tooo- the combo looks simply chic :)

beingpretty said...

You look so pretty in this look!!
Loved the blue shirt!! :D

Srish said...

@Crazypoplock - Thank you! They are my new babies and ridiculously comfortable to walk in!!!

@Yvette - awwww....aren't you the sweetest!! Thank you so much and between me and you, I think so too :P

@Mihaela - Thank you dear :)

Srish said...

@Carrie - Aww....I am so glad I could inspire you to recreate the outfit!!

@Eve-O-Lution - Do get the shirt!! I am sure you will love it! They are so soft against your skin, you will want to caress them all the time!!

@Beingpretty - Thank you sweetheart :))

Tanvee Wadhwa said...

How gorgeous are you! Love the scarf!

Bonniela said...

I love your shirt!!!!!

kanika said... much i love luking st ur pix..!!! dey r always a delight 2 wtch.!! n grt work once again..shirt's color is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!

zingysavvy said...

srish ur evolving so much.. every post :)) im glad! this is ur best till now i guess!! i lurrrvvv the whole ensemble.. evry bit!! :D

zingysavvy said...

oh.. can u post a link to those tights ?? difficult to search on ASOS :))

Twenty Somethings said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit Srish!!
Everything is just Spot on man.


Srish said...

@Tanvee - **blush blush** :)

@Bonniela - Thank you sweetheart!I am obsessed with them lately!

@Kanika - ha ha! That's so sweet! Thank you!!!! ^____^

Srish said...

Zingysavvy - Thank you so much dear, it's comments like these which motivates me to keep going :)
There you go:

@Tanya - Thank you sweetie <3 ^_____^

Rima D said...

wow!!!thank you so much for thissss!!!i reallllyyy wanted sumthing like look incredibly beautiful...gorgeous!!!!:) :) :)

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