Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lazy days


{Top - Mango, Shorts - DIY, Cardi/Necklace - Forever 21,Tights/Scarf - Asos,  Bag/Tank Top - Zara, Shoes - Carlton London}

The weather is getting really cold and it's becoming more and more tough to blog. All I wanna do is cuddle up in my warm, cozy, furry blanket and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and then sleep. Sleep a lot. And a little more. Ah! This weather makes me soooo lazy! How do you guys like to spend these lazy days...


Sweet and Bitter said...

loved ur bag. thinking of getting something like that in tan...xoxo

EVE-O-LUTION said...

loved your last piccy :)
even I have this blanket/throw and Im under it all the time :)

sindhu gupta said...

very nyc im a new follower to ur blog,could u tel me from whr did u get ur hair cut???i jus loweee it!!!

crazypoplock said...

looking so adorably cute and cuddly lol.

kanika said...

bag.. <3 <3
dis time d pix luk really haapy .. :D
i just love d way u hv done ur hair..!!
2nd pic, 2nd last pic n last pic are sooooo adorable..!!

The Delhi fashion blogger said...

i get lazy with exercising :(

Srish said...

@Sweetandbitter - It would look gorgeous and plus, it will go with almost everything!!

@Eve-O-Lution - He he! We were just goofing around and those pics were not meant to go up on my blog but what the!

@Sindhu Gupta - Thank you! I got my haircut done from Looks, DLF Vasantkunj.Though I cut my bangs myself. I have been doing it for an year now. I am never satisfied with the way the salon ppl cut my bags :P

Srish said...

@Crazypoplock - he he...thank u!!

@Kanika - awww...thank you so much for taking out the time to actually count the pictures :)

@Thedelhifashionblogger - ha ha! Me too!!!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Loved your bag, and the leopard scarf... :)
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sindhu gupta said...

ok ok...i expected sumthng lik looks did u by any chance get it done by ashwini...if not try him d next tym..i jus love him..n if u have done ur bangs den i must say 'amazing girl'! love em' !!!

Yvette said...

You look so happy :) not 'camera smiley' like we sometimes tend to get (yes, i do that too!)

LOVE the satchel!

the 2nd picture is Really cute <3

looks like A's experimenting with different angles? :) I love the variety! yeah, and your pout face is forevercute :D

yay for the shorts with tights look :) the sexiness of shorts, and the comfort and warmth of tights...i love that!

are the glasses the real deal? or a style statement?

how did your coco chanel assignment go? can we see it? :)

here, just some random things i thought i'd suggest - sock curls coz you've got the most gorgeous long hair (major hair envy!), your take on over-the-knee socks coz i find em cute (you do too, i know ;) ), how to cut up and 'trendify' old tshirts...i'll keep updating this list :D

btw, i didn't know that your family didn't know of your blog till recently....didn't you introduce your sister's blog in a very early blog post, or am i confusing you with someone?

Oh, and one more thing - i hadn't been 'jk' when i asked for your mum's recipes in the diwali post!!


Yvette said...


Yvette said...

oops...had wanted to leave you this :
you'll like it, i promise!

Srish said...

@Mitr Friend - Thank you :)

@Sindhu - Thank you! :) When I went for the haircut, I just told them that I would need a senior stylist. I will surely give Ashwini a try next time :)

Srish said...

@Yvette - Ha ha ha!! Thank you so so so much! You just made my day!!THAT is officially the longest comment ever on my blog!! LoL!

And yes, those glasses are real deal girl! ;)

The Coco assignment went well, I will do a whole post on Coco's fascinating will take some time but I will...

Thanks for the suggestions, they have been duly noted! :D

Yes, I did introduce my sister earlier and only she knew about the blog, now my whole fam knows :)

And, I will ask my mom to send me the recipe, leave your email address and I shall mail you.

And I loved the stick man! Genius and so cool!!!!

Love you :*

Coral Crue said...

totally love the look!

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Butterfly... :) said...

You are looking just super fabulous!!! <3<3<3 I just LOVE your style. I am not saying this to please you but because i mean it and i really do!! <3 Plus you look really cute in the last picture!! Hehe. I feel like going googly woogly wooksh on you! <3

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