Tuesday, January 31, 2012

StyleFashionEtc & GlossyBox's Giveaway!!

Hi Guys!! 
As most of you already know by now that GlossyBox is launching in India soon and I am beyond excited about it!And it makes me even happier that I have collaborated with GlossyBox to host this Giveaway on my blog and give one lucky reader this amazing GlossyBox filled with awesome goodies for FREE!! Isn't this super exciting!

Look at the boxes, they are so pretty and classy...I can't wait to get my hands on one of these babies. If you want the same thing, read on and participate in this giveaway and who knows, YOU might win!! Best of Luck!!

To participate in the Giveaway, you HAVE to be a follower of my blog & you have to answer this simple question and follow some easy steps:

"Which is your favorite beauty product and why?" 

Also, you have to "Like" StyleFashionEtc & GlossyBox on Facebook and "Follow" StyleFashionEtc & GlossyBox on Twitter. So, Best of Luck Guys and share your story of your favorite beauty product!

Last Date to Participate: 21st February, 2012 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

[Video] My Foundation Routine

Hi guys! I uploaded this another video today and this is how I have been doing my foundation lately. I am loving Revlon PhotoReady Foundation and that is the foundation that I featured in this video as well. Check it out and let me know if you like it :) And yes, this is my first beauty related video so I am pretty excited about that as well ^____^

Enjoy :))

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spring/Summer Trends 2012

While the winter is having it's not-so-welcomed overstay, I can bet you guys are itching for the Spring to knock the door and come for the rescue! Well, I know I am. And after hours of browsing the internet to be prepared and pretty for the Spring darling, I figured you guys might need some trend alert as well...So, here it is!

1. RED
Not just red, I am talking fiery,engine red that would turn the heads twice! The trend is to wear a hot red dress and pair it up with hot red lips. Well, I am going to give this trend a try for sure, I already have a red lipstick, just need a red dress and I am set!

Pleats are gone and Pencil is in! That's the mantra, mug it up!!

Forget the gloomy greys and blacks! The sun will shine and Yellow will rule! Pick soft yellow and pair it up with neutral hues like so..

It's time to pack up your suspender tights as it's now listed under the trends to delete! Pick up some ankle socks and wear them with the highest of heels that you own. The most comfy solution is now trendy too, what more could a girl ask for!!

Applique floral tops are available in Zara and they look sooo stunning! Skip on digital florals this summer and go for some more textured fabric.

Forget Silver, wear gold trimmings, gold accessories and gold hues for an oh-so-sexy look!

Mixing and matching prints are big this season. So, don't be afraid to wear 2-3 prints together, just make sure it's well balanced.

Fashion world has been jazz-dancing towards 20's cocktail attire-flapper dresses, skull caps and long reams of glass beads! 70's flared dress is old news now.

Totally blissed out! I love bright colors and Neon is as extreme as it can get! Neon accessories as well as clothes, all things neon are in! Visit Forever 21 for your neonic needs!!

Visit an ice-cream parlor and all the pastels you see is the new color palette for this season! Mix and match and look like a giant ice-cream! Yes, that's the trend! I am loving pastel mints and peaches. 

So, there you have it! All the major 10 trends that you need to know. Gals, behave and be gorgeous for the Spring!! <3

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too fancy for college...Wateves!!

{Cape/Stockings - Asos, Skirt - Promod, Shoes - Pieces, Bag - Aldo, Hairband - Forever21}

I know I have been gone for almost a week now. But I do have good reasons for that. I had my B'day on 17th and B'day party on 21st. And it was awesome!! Thank you all for the wishes and tweets!! It was an amazing week for me :) Apart from meeting some good old friends and partying hard, I received some great gifts, my favorite being a burgundy shoes ( yeah, I love burgundy & my BFF knows that..lol) and topmost favorite being the handmade quilled gifts from my sister! She sent me some amazing home-made dark chocolates & a chocolate cake, hand-made card, quilled bookmarks, and an Explosion Box!! I LOVED THE EXPLOSION BOX!!!!! If you don't know what it is and want to see mine, my sister has already uploaded all the gift's pictures on her blog, go see it HERE! Aren't they all amazing!

This is the outfit that I wore on 17th, and yes, I attended my college in this outfit. I was already bummed that I had to attend my classes on my b'day (B'days have always been a big deal for me), so I donned my hair, makeup & some fancy clothes..:P

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[Video] Mini sale haul + OOTD

It was my BFF A's birthday on 10th and we all went to Mocha to celebrate. The food was awesome and the ambiance sort of reminded me of Aladdin days...maybe 'coz it was heavily inspired from Arabian Nights theme which I personally really liked. 

The Chocolate Avalanche was hands down delicious!!

I ordered chicken pasta in white sauce and OMG it was sooooooo yummmm!!!!!

Since I didn't get a lot of pictures, I filmed a video of my outfit and also a mini haul of the stuffs I had bought a day before from sale. Enjoy :)

Click HERE to view on Youtube

Monday, January 16, 2012

On the Prowl

{ Pants/Scarf - Zara, Top/Tank Top/Zabra Print Ring - Forever 21, "Love" Ring - Accessorize, Cardi - Sixties, Boots - US, Bag - StyleDrv}

I am IN LOVE (read Obsessed) with this scarf!!! It's the best way to feed my love for animal prints. It can literally pull together any outfit. I have been wearing it a little bit too much (According to A) but what can I do, all other scarves seems like rubbish in front of this one! 

P.S.- I am beyond excited as only two hours are left for my B'day to begin!! Yayieeee ^______^ 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

[Video] What's in my Purse...

Hello everyone, 
I finally finished editing this video today which I had filmed almost 4 days back! Since my college has re-started and the assignments bombarding has started again, I seldom will be able to post. But, I will not leave you guys for more than a couple of days I promise :)
Enjoy this video for now and let me know if you like it! And any suggestions, requests or comments are welcome! <3

Friday, January 13, 2012

Reader's Request: 6 ways to accessorize a plain striped dress

Hi everyone! I hope your week went well and I am sure you all must be geared up for the weekend coz my lovely reader Eshna sure is! She recently purchased this dress and requested me to suggest some ideas as in how to accessorize and style the dress. I also have a very similar dress that I had purchased from ASOS a while back[HERE]  but I haven't got the chance to wear it yet. I had some ideas in mind on how I will style it when I will eventually wear it, so I am sharing some ideas, hope this will help Eshna and anyone else who wants to wear striped dress, top, or even skirt! :)


For the classic dressy look, pair the dress with a well fitted blazer, some statement necklace and red heels. This is my personal favorite way of dressing up a simple dress without over-thinking or over-doing anything.


This look is without a doubt the most safest way of wearing this dress. With a color-blocked clutch and red lips, you are adding the pop of colors but staying clear of any risk of fashion faux pas by wearing the nude and beige colors.


This outfit is not for the faint hearted. Here, I played with complimentary colors, Orange & Blue which always look stunning together. The jacket hugs the body at the right places to accentuate the curves and the clean lines of the jacket with the minimal accessories creates a fierce yet stylish look.


This outfit would look amazing on someone who loves colors and is not afraid of wearing the brightest of the lot.The hot pink blazer adds femininity as well as reflects boldness of the person to wear such an eye-catching color. The neon ring and the gold clutch takes the outfit to a whole new level. And I love that level ;)


This outfit is perfect if you are going for a house party or just shopping in the mall. The red bag and the bling-ey nails makes the outfit super stylish while the leather jacket and the scarf keeps you warm. 


The most comfortable yet cute way to wear a dress is to pair it with flats and a denim shirt or jacket. Fedora hat & wooden bangles finish the look. Wear burgundy color on your nails to add some color to the whole outfit.

So, which one is your style? And if you have any more suggestions for Eshna, leave it in a comment below! I am sure she will love that :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

My first video on my top 10 products of 2011

Hi everyone! Well, I will be honest, I am nervous as hell uploading this video right now!! I was awake whole night editing it and then saving the film and then uploading it on Youtube. It is definitely not as easy as I thought it would be, but I am super excited (read nervous) about it and can't wait to hear what you guys think about the video! I know, this video seems amateurish but please excuse me for that as it's my fist time :)

I couldn't enlarge the video frame for some reason here so if you want you can watch it on Youtube and I have created a channel as StyleFashionEtc where I would be uploading more videos like this (reviews, tutorials,hauls, etc), so like, comment & subscribe if you feel like [it will make me happy!! :P ] Now , I will stop blabbering and let you watch the video. Enjoy!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The return of....


{Hot Pink Pants/ Blazer/Shoes - Zara, T-shirt/Rings - Forever 21, Bag - Aldo, Scarf - Asos}

My hot pink pants were sitting at the back of my closet for the longest time and since I had recently decided to try & wear the items in my closet which I have been neglecting for a while, this "bright" idea hit me! I paired it with the tee that I had bought to pair up especially with the red & electric blue pants I wear so often.I still need to gather some courage to color block these pants. They are too bright you see, so I wore neutral colors to tone it down a little bit. Oh wait, I did color block these pants with emerald green recently!!! But sadly, I didn't take pictures that day, so I cannot show you guys...next time maybe! :)