Tuesday, January 31, 2012

StyleFashionEtc & GlossyBox's Giveaway!!

Hi Guys!! 
As most of you already know by now that GlossyBox is launching in India soon and I am beyond excited about it!And it makes me even happier that I have collaborated with GlossyBox to host this Giveaway on my blog and give one lucky reader this amazing GlossyBox filled with awesome goodies for FREE!! Isn't this super exciting!

Look at the boxes, they are so pretty and classy...I can't wait to get my hands on one of these babies. If you want the same thing, read on and participate in this giveaway and who knows, YOU might win!! Best of Luck!!

To participate in the Giveaway, you HAVE to be a follower of my blog & you have to answer this simple question and follow some easy steps:

"Which is your favorite beauty product and why?" 

Also, you have to "Like" StyleFashionEtc & GlossyBox on Facebook and "Follow" StyleFashionEtc & GlossyBox on Twitter. So, Best of Luck Guys and share your story of your favorite beauty product!

Last Date to Participate: 21st February, 2012 


Shaashii said...

hi dear

another giveaway from you .. yeppeeee..

Answer to your question : I love Luscious Plumping Lip glosses , they have very beautiful shades , and gives a very good plump to lips.. so i loveeeee them :)

i m already following ur blog as : SHAASHII

following ur facebook : Sadia Marium Majid

On twitter : @sadiamarium

following Glossy Box on facebook : sadia marium majid

following glossy box on twitter : @sadiamarium

pranontika said...

So far my most favourite beauty product is chambor lipstick in orange.it goes with everything i wear and dont need anything xtra which makes me use it everyday and i get lot of compliments for it...

kanika said...

well i hardly do mkup. it's just kohl n a tinted lipbalm 4 me..n i luv my kohl to death...can't stay widout it!!!

Rach said...

As funny as it sounds my favourite beauty product is undoubtedly the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly! The best for chapped lips and works as a makeup remover as well! :)

PtiteMeve said...

Hi! Thanks for this Giveaway :)
I follow you and GlossyBox on Twitter: @TRMeve
I follow you and GlossyBox on Facebook: Marie-Eve Lahaie
My fav. beauty product: Nail polish (Orly are my favs) I could go out with a naked face, but no naked nails :)
Email: ptite_meve@hotmail.com
Thanks again :)

sindhu gupta said...

im already following u and glassybox on facebook. fb name- sindhu gupta
a,ready following u guys on twitter. twitter name- sindhugupta
e mail id- anu.cool69@gmail.com
my favourite beauty product is maybelline coloroma nail paint collection..so affordable and so amazing.just love the colours.i have so many of dem!!!
amazing giveaway srish.. :)

Falguni Trivedi said...

SuperExcited abt Glossybox giveaway,also liked on FB http://www.facebook.com/falguni.trivedi & following on twitter @trivedif

Sangeeta said...

Really excited. Following you on GFC

GFC Name: Sangeeta G
Email ID: sangeeta.govindan@gmail.com

Liked both on Facebook

Sangeeta said...

Ah forgot. Facebook name: Sangeeta Govindan

Adela said...

My favorite beauty product is mascara, because i can't live without it.

GFC: Adela
FB: Adela Voinea
Twitter: @ynocenta (Adela)

Thank you!

Lancy said...

Nice giveaway! Thank you! :)

My Details:
Name: Lancy Cv
GFC : Lancy
Email: makeupandbeautytips@gmail.com
Facebook Name: Lancy Lopez
Twitter Name: @Beautytipshome

My Entries:
1. Followed your blog through GFC
2. Liked both pages in facebook and followed in twitter.

Answer to your question:
My favorite beauty product is Lip Balm. Lip Balm is very essential for me than any other skincare beauty product as it is needed to keep my lips well nourished and moisturized.
I can't think of even a single winter day without my lip balm :)

bhumika said...

Like both on Facebook..
and Follow both on twitter- bhumika_t
Favorite beauty product would be Kohl..I love how it opens up eyes :)

Aarthi said...

Hi Srish,

Have done all the above :)

My favorite beauty product would be lipsticks and I feel just wearing a good lipstick brightens up your face instantly :D

FB Name - Aarthi Manoharan
Twitter - Aarthi Raju
Email - desirenzeal@gmail.com

Butterfly... :) said...

Name: Surabhi Limaye
GFC : Surabhi
Email: surabhi.limaye@hotmail.com
Facebook Name: Surabhi Limaye
Twitter Name: Butterfly2393

My Entries:
1. Already following your blog since long! :)
2. Liked both pages on facebook and followed on twitter.

Answer to your question:
My favorite beauty product is my Body Lotion!! I mean, one can stay without make-up but without a proper Body lotion, not only does your skin look a bit dull but yeah it makes you really irritable too! :) So my Vaseline Total Moisture body lotion is my favorite beauty product! :) Specially the one with pure soya and stratys! :)

Sarah said...

GFC: Sarah Crawford
FB: Sarah Crawford
TwitteR: @sarahcrawford14

My favorite beauty product is nail polish because even if I am having a day where I feel not so pretty, I still feel pulled together if I have a nice mani!


Swati Kungwani said...

Heyaa LOvely Giveaway!! super excited for the glossy box!!

GFC- Swati Kungwani
Fb- Swati Kungwani likedboth pages
Twitter handle- @Swatydk following both of u.. keeping an eye basically..lol ^-^

Ans-- My favorite beauty product has always been Kajal pencil and Eyeliner because I think they are most important assets of a Girl's beauty and aankhein bahot kuch bolti hai:) So I always want my eyes to look the best and My eyes should be Eye grabber:)

Nids said...

wow...dying to lay my hands on one of these Glossyboxes.

My favorite beauty product is Kohl...I am so used to wearing one that if I don't wear it, I feel I look ill...so all my handbags have 1 kohl pencil for sure. Another product I can't do without is my luxury perfumes.

Following on FB: Nidhi Chandna
On twitter: nidc13

Tulika said...

Hi :)
My all time favourite beauty product is the Bourjois Paris Liner Feutre Eye Liner. This eye liner is more like a sketch pen and is so easy to use, it glides on sooo smoothly and does not irritate my eyes at all. Plus its really long lasting, which is always a bonus. Out of all the products in my make-up bag, I use this the most. On days when i'm lazy and don't feel like doing much this eye liner is my go to make-up product. I just line my eyes with it, put on some gloss n im ready to go! :)

Facebook Name: Tulika Jalan
Twitter Name: tulikajalan
email: tulika87@gmail.com

Yasinisi said...

Hi :)

GFC: Yasinisi
FB: Marta Ś.
Twitter: @Yasinisi

My favourite beauty product is my mineral foundation from Lucy Minerals. It gives me great coverage without a mask, it's good for my skin and pretty cheap.. Really good product :)

Dragana said...

GFC: Dragana Aksentijevic
FB: Dragana Daberky
Twitter @daberky

My favorite beauty product is bourjois healthy mix foundation.

Palak said...

Twitter handle - teenagerwoes
FB Name - Palak khantal
My favourite beauty product is MAC studio fiz powder. The shade NC 42 matches my skin tone to the T and gives me photo ready face in a jiffy !!
Just cant do without it :)

Surabhi Agarwal said...

So far,
My favourite beauty product is a kajal since I just don't step out without it!

Thank you for the lovely give away !

themissus said...

My favourite beauty product is foundation, I feel naked without it!
GFC: jacquiix3
FB: Kimba Ly
Twitter: @Eignourt

Email: jacqueslikescheese@hotmail.com

Thanks for the giveaway! x

janisj said...

hi...my fav. beauty product is a blush and esp. ceam blushes coz i have dry skin!!!!

following u thru GFC - janisj.
FB-- janis j. jop
twitter - janis254

anna said...

Following you and glossybox on Fb, twitter and GFC.

FB:ankita mittal
GFC: anna
Twitter: @ankitamittal

my favourite beauty anything is the MAC Smoulder pencil.I love eyeliners/kohl, and I feel kind of under-dressed if i haven't done my eye routine.this one just rocks it for me, not only is it super easy in application but its color payoff is ahhmazing!
i'd signed up for the glossybox pack but they are delaying their launch (aint it a shame :/)

gaby said...

GFC: gaby
Facebook: Gab Juk
Twitter: @g_gaby_gaby

My favorite beauty product is good
red lipstick! :-)

Email: gabjuk@hotmail.com

Swati Murti said...

GFC: Swati
fb handle: Swati Murti
twitter: skyiseternal

My favorite beauty product is kajal. I love how it makes my eyes look gorgeous.

Helena said...

I love the mascara cause is sò hot
GFC: Helena
Email: helenalol@virgilio.it

valentina_fruch said...

my favourite beauty product is eyeshadow!
I love it, i can make my eyes every day in a different colour!
GFC valentina fruch
fb valentina frucchi fruch

sonia said...

GFC: s.brandolone
FB: sonia brandolone
TWITTER: @soniabrandolone
MAIL: s.brandolone@libero.it
My favorite beauty product is kajal.

Rozzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
punkettina85 said...

wow! Following you on GFC

GFC : punkettina85
Email : punkettina85@hotmail.it
Liked both on Facebook : flower bomb

valuzza89 said...

hi, my favourite beauty product is black mascara!

gfc valuzza89
facebook Valentina Langone
twitter VaLuZzA_89


antonella said...

my favourite beauty producs is eyeshadow,i love it gfc togato antonella ,fb togato antonella , e-mail giglio-82@hotmail.it, twitter mantide 82

Federica said...

I really love all lipsticks, (:

GFC: Federica
FB: Coactus Volui
TWITTER: CoactusVolui
E-MAIL: federicacossuu@gmail.com

adry said...

in extremis
my favourite product is gloss red

gfc mbilla82
fb adriana costanzo
tw mbilla82

mail mbilla82@yahoo.it

piukina said...

My favourite products is Dior air flash foundation because it is easy to use

GFC Francesca Scirpoli

FB Francesca Loveredhair


Lebi said...

My fav is mascara because it makes my eyelashs totally black :)
GFC: lebi
FB: Sunshine's Fashion
Tw: @Lebi85


THANKS!!! ^_^
i like lipgloss

Filomena84 said...

i'm an italian follower
my name is Filomena Principe on fb
mail filomenapi@hotmail.it
twitter @Mena Principe
i like the pupa pink blush of kokeshi collection

Florinda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Florinda said...

Awesome giveaway! Enter me please! :)
My favourite products is the mascara because makes my eyes more intense.
GFC: floryfrancy
e-mail: floryfrancy(at)inwind(dot)it
FB: Florinda Fraccalvieri
Twitter: PiccolaFlo_82
Finger crossed! ;)

Erika M.U.F. said...

I reeeeeeeally hope to win!!!
My fav beauty product is the YSL Touchè Eclat because it perfectly correct the imperfections and bright the darkest shades of the face!
GFC: MakeUp Fun
FB: Stella Incantevole
Twitter: @Stellausit
Email: stella.sidney@live.it
Fingers crossed!

ShiningLittle Star said...

Enter me please,i'd love to win!

My fav beauty product is the Clarins touch eclat lift because it's an awesome teinted cream,it covers every imperfection and gives you a faboulous teint!

GFC: ShiningLittle Star
FB: Mary Squillace
Twitter: @ShiningGlam
Mail: cupcake89@libero.it

Skye said...

Done! I love kajal because i love the black eye!
GFC: Skye
Email: cloudlovely@hotmail.it

Sekhmet said...

enter me!! :D

my favourite product is eyeliner :)

GFC: Sekhmet
twitter: TheBlackBastet
fb: Harley quieenn
email: bas7e7@gmail.com

marisa said...

l mio prodotto sono l'olio di preferito argan per il corpo e capelli, non più ne farei to meno, aiutato hanno molto i miei capelli molto bene fanno sfibrati and beyond pelle, e poi il tutto love makeup i Dagli ombretti smalti.
Gadaleta marisa facebook
google: marisa gadaleta

Chicca Tamburrino said...

Hi,enter me!My favourite is the lipstick!
FB/GFC:Chicca Tamburrino

Olga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
OltreNatura said...

My favourite beauty product is liquid eyeliner!!I can't get out without it ^-^
gfc: OltreNatura
fb: Monica BeautyPills
twitter: @BeautyPills

crystel said...

My favourite products is Urban Decay is very fantastic!!!

GFC: crystel
email: crystel83@libero.it
FB: Elvira De Luca
Twitter: crystelvy

Finger crossed! ;)

tstalessia said...

My favorite beauty product is mascara!
I'm Alessia Testa,
liked and shared on:
on fb as: Rosa Pink
on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/tstale82
on GFC :Alessia Testa ; tstalessia
on Bloglovin : tstalessia, tstalessia@hotmail.com

mail: tstalessia@hotmail.com

samantha.tedesco said...

My fav product is Collistar Kajal, because it's very soft and comfortable, and it's give to me a very sensual look :)
FB: Samantha Tedesco
GFC: Samantha Tedesco (samantha.tedesco)
twitter: samanthatedesco

crisgabrisa said...

my favorite product is the enamel, like having my nails always beautiful
gfc crisgabrisa
twitter crisgabrisa

Alessia said...

my fav beauty product is mascara, beauty in the eyes! :)))

GFC: Fabulosity
FB: Alessia Lale
twitter: @Aljsa
alelale at live.com

MissViolet83 said...

My favorite product is the black eye pencil because it gives depth to the look!

GFC: MissViolet83
FB: Marta Sacco
Twitter: MissViolet83
e-mail: pinklady24@hotmail.it

pam said...

il mio cosmetico preferito è la crema viso perchè non posso farne a meno!
partecipo, ho seguito tutti i passaggi

ali82a said...

Awesome giveaway! Enter me please! :)
My favourite products is the nail polish because makes my hands more beautiful.
GFC: ali82a
e-mail: ali82a@libero.it
FB: Annalisa Amura
Twitter: @alis82a
Finger crossed! ;)

Hjoral said...

Hi there!!! *_* My favourite product is Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation, I use the ecru shade :) When I wear it I feel absolutely unbreakable!!! :D

GFC:Alice Bassi
FB: Alice Bassi
Twitter: Hjoral
E-mail: alice_bassi@alice.it

Finger crossed!!! *_* Thank you!!

rosaspina86 said...

I try
marialice pompilii on fb
pupazzola on twitter

erikamilani said...

fb: erika milani
twitter: @erikamilani


I love Collistar Kajal because I use everyday this product!!!!

stellaaamarina said...

amo Luscious lucidalabbra Rimpolpante, hanno colori molto vivaci e belli, sdono stefy ste su fb mail abellaa@virgilio.it gfc abellaa, stellaamarina, condiviso su fb... stefy ste

Nenna said...

My favorite is Bronzerpowder :) It is very useful! I follow you via GFC:Nenna


stellaaamarina said...

chi ha vinto

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